The Netherlands: the Creative Launchpad of Europe and a Hub for Creative Talent

Built on a rich artistic history including Vermeer, Rembrandt, Mondrian and Escher, the creative industry in the Netherlands is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and out-of-the-box thinking. In fact, the Netherlands generates more creative output than almost any other country in the world. Ranked in the global top 10 for trade, jobs and brands, the Dutch creative industry fuels advertising in the Netherlands. More than 30 Dutch knowledge institutions offer Creative Arts and Design courses. Highly skilled, multilingual workers come from all over the world to find opportunity in the Netherlands’ creative agencies. Here, creatives thrive thanks to the Dutch quality of life and top-ranked digital and transport infrastructure. The Netherlands thus offers the ideal test market for creative companies looking to pursue innovation in Europe.

The top choice for media and broadcasters looking to expand to the EU

The Netherlands is a global hub for media and broadcasting, housing many of the industry’s biggest players. In particular, Amsterdam and Hilversum are hotbeds for media and entertainment companies, including NEP Group, Netflix, Discovery and Disney. On top of that, the Dutch have a knack for reaching audiences. The Netherlands ranks as the third-largest exporter of TV formats like Deal or No Deal, The Voice and Big Brother. And to keep the whole show running, the Dutch Media Authority oversees content and distribution for more than 500 commercial licensed TV programs, while the Netherlands Film Fund supports productions in the Dutch entertainment industry.

Fashion and apparel gateway to Europe

Creativity and sustainability are woven into the Dutch fashion and apparel sectors. Companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Asics, and Patagonia are drawn to this unique combination and have established European headquarters in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, Denim City is pioneering the future of the jeans industry. Providing access to most European countries by road transport, the Netherlands is a strong logistics base for fashion and apparel companies, including Crocs, Michael Kors and Decathlon. World-class institutions like Design Academy Eindhoven, Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Arnhem Academy of Art & Design produce some of the best and brightest talent in the field. From high-quality design, to headquarters and logistics, to sales and marketing, the Netherlands is the place to be for fashion companies.

Where major brands bring ideas to life

The Netherlands is strategically located in the middle of the three biggest European advertising and media markets. From one office in the Netherlands, a company can service the U.K., France and Germany. With its abundance of skilled talent, high quality of life and ease of travel, the country is a magnet for international companies. From Adidas and Nike to McDonalds and Heineken, global brands rely on campaigns created in the Netherlands. Amsterdam has been lauded as a global “ad mecca” by Ad Age, attracting cutting-edge agencies like WPP, Anomaly, 180 Kingsday, Wieden + Kennedy, Ridley Scott and 72andSunny. The Netherlands is the place where creative talent and business want to be and find each other.

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