Netherlands Superior Logistics & Technology Infrastructure

The Netherlands’ infrastructure is among the best in the world, powering business growth through its sophisticated airports, ports, digital network and rail, road and waterway connections. This infrastructure powerhouse is home to leading transport hubs with the Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port; and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, ranked as the second best airport in Europe in 2020.

Through its world-class airports and high-speed rail, road and waterways, the Netherlands’ infrastructure opens up opportunities within the rest of Europe, and beyond. It provides access to 170 million consumers within a 500km radius and 244 million consumers within a 1000km radius of the Netherlands. Major European economies like Germany, U.K. and France, are all within a day’s reach. This means the Netherlands offers companies the perfect springboard to reach the whole European market.

With 23 million bikes (PDF) and 17 million citizens, the Netherlands has long been known as a bike-friendly nation and leader in sustainable transportation. In fact, more than 33,000km of Dutch roads are dedicated to cycling infrastructure – underlining the healthy lifestyle and high quality of life in the Netherlands. The Netherlands’ cycling infrastructure makes it safe and convenient to drop your kids off at school, make your way to the central station, park your bike and catch the train just in time for work.

If we look beyond bikes, the Netherlands is also a digital frontrunner. The country hosts one of the world’s leading internet exchanges (AMS-IX) and the Dutch digital infrastructure offers 98% fast broadband coverage and 99% 4G coverage. Companies housed in the Netherlands can trust on these reliable digital connetions when chosing to operate in one of the most wired countries in the world.

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