About the Netherlands

The Netherlands: One of the Best Countries for Business

In the Netherlands, ambitious companies can tap into our innovation ecosystems to accelerate their business, co-creating solutions for a better future for all. We invite international companies to join us in working towards that goal. Because we believe that future-proof business is about making impact. And we can make more impact when we work together.

A dynamic location where companies can innovate and excel

By expanding your business to the Netherlands, you get access to innovation networks, projects and facilities to make vital advances in areas like sustainable energy, food, health, mobility, and circular solutions. You also become part of our international business environment that thrives on superb infrastructure, world-class multilingual talent, business-friendly regulatory authorities, and a collaborative mindset. Not to mention access to key markets and partners in Europe – all factors for successful innovation, enterprise, and economic growth.

Highly skilled workforce and outstanding quality of life

The Netherlands’ education system produces some of the best trained and performing graduates in Europe. The workforce is digitally skilled and has an international outlook, with 90% of the Dutch population being fluent in English, and many also speaking German and French. And in tandem with the great workforce, the Netherlands ranks high on quality of life. This makes it relatively easy to attract uniquely qualified international talent. It’s no wonder that foreign companies find a great new home in the Netherlands.

Fast Facts
Official name Kingdom of the Netherlands
Form of government Parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy
Head of State King Willem-Alexander
King of the Netherlands
Prince of Orange-Nassau
Capital Amsterdam
Seat of government The Hague
Surface area 33.800 km2
Number of provinces 12
Location Western Europe, by the North Sea, bordering Belgium and Germany
Number of inhabitants 17,430,000 (2020)
Monetary unit Euro
Languages Dutch, Frisian and on the overseas islands also English and Papiamento

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