About the Netherlands

The Netherlands’ business climate and strategic location make it one of the best countries for business

The Netherlands, also known as the “gateway to Europe,” is the most competitive economy according to the WEF Competitiveness Index in Europe and one of the best countries for business investment in the world. With just over 17 million inhabitants, our country is small but full of innovation. Our nation has a lot going for it. A great location, extremely well-connected, and a highly educated and skilled workforce, make the Netherlands an attractive place for business.

The Netherlands: a well-connected business location

The Netherlands is strategically located on continental Europe with access to 170 million consumers within 500 km and 244 million consumers within 1,000 km. This means that major European economies, like Germany, the United Kingdom, France, are all within a day’s reach. In addition to physical connectivity, the Netherlands is a digital frontrunner and has the highest broadband penetration per capita in the world, which means companies can stay connected online or in person. Add to that the Netherlands’ stable and pro-business climate and it’s no wonder why it’s known as an ideal basefor companies looking to expand into Europe.

Fostering a growth environment for international companies

Collaboration is in the Dutch DNA. The Dutch take a unique, quadruple-helix approach to collaboration, involving participation from businesses, knowledge institutions, government and citizens. Together, we create a dynamic location where foreign companies can also innovate and excel – and that’s exactly what’s happening. According to the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019, the Netherlands ranks in the top five countries for innovation.

In addition, companies seeking an English-speaking workforce have come to the right place. 90% of the Dutch population is fluent in English and a higher percentage speaks German and French than their counterparts elsewhere.

The Netherlands’ education system produces some of the best graduates in Europe. In tandem with top education, quality of life is high in the Netherlands, with several cities recognized for their liveability. When you pair a high quality of life with an outstanding education system, it’s no wonder why both international companies and their employees find a great new home in the Netherlands.

Fast Facts
Official name Kingdom of the Netherlands
Form of government Parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy
Head of State King Willem-Alexander
King of the Netherlands
Prince of Orange-Nassau
Capital Amsterdam
Seat of government The Hague
Surface area 33.800 km2
Number of provinces 12
Location Western Europe, by the North Sea, bordering Belgium and Germany
Number of inhabitants 17,430,000 (2020)
Monetary unit Euro
Languages Dutch, Frisian and on the overseas islands also English and Papiamento

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