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Expat Centers in the Netherlands

Helping international employees moving to the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands? Expat Centers in the Netherlands help internationals to get settled smoothly and feel at home. Whether you have moved yourself or your entire family to the Netherlands, we understand that international workers help Dutch companies become successful. With that in mind, we want to help you work out the details and formalities of officially establishing yourself in the Netherlands so you can enjoy exploring the new country you call home.

A country-wide network of offices

There are 12 Expat Centers (PDF) with 16 office locations throughout the Netherlands and they all share one goal: to make expats in the Netherlands feel at home. The Expat Centers work closely with the Invest in Holland network to support international employees coming to work in the Netherlands. You can find the different services offered by each office on their respective website, but a few formalities that the dedicated expat center teams can help with include: work and residence permits, housing, schooling, healthcare, personal needs and a streamlined admission procedure for international employees. For international employees, companies can submit the application for the official procedure while you are still in your home country. This allows you and your family to complete several important formalities in a single visit to the Expat Center. For expats in the Netherlands, the centers offer in-depth guidelines on what to do upon arrival as well as the formalities of moving and Dutch housing. Each center is unique and serves its own region with a local touch.

Community for expats

The Netherlands has a naturally welcoming culture, but the expat centers go above and beyond and have helped approximately 50,000 expats immerse themselves in their new community. Each center does this by offering services with a local touch and through community building. The Expat Centers regularly organize cultural and recreational events to keep the international community connected. For example, expats in the Netherlands can participate in clubs spanning from business, social, family and cultural topics. The Netherlands also hosts expat fairs around the country several times each year, including the IAmExpat Fair and Feel at Home in The Hague. Similarly, some Expat Centers, like Groningen, have dedicated social media groups for newcomers to actively meet new people.

And once you do get settled in the Netherlands, the support doesn’t stop there. If new questions arise, the dedicated teams at the Expat Centers are available year-round to assist you. Each Expat Center also has a wealth of information, including frequently asked questions, on their websites. If you’re considering moving to the Netherlands, it’s important to know that we are committed to making you and your family feel at home in one of the world’s happiest countries. Download our Expat Centers brochure to view the contact information for each Expat Center in the Netherlands.

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