Establish Your International Headquarters in the Netherlands

For companies big and small, establishing headquarters in the Netherlands is the ideal choice. The Netherlands is strategically located at Europe’s front door, with 95% of Europe’s most lucrative markets just 24 hours away from Amsterdam or Rotterdam. It also offers a business-friendly regulatory environment, multilingual workforce and top infrastructure, which contribute to pan-European success.

Stable and competitive economy

The Netherlands ranks among the world’s top countries for both economic and talent competitiveness. The Netherlands is not only an internationally competitive location for workforce, but it’s renowned for welcoming, developing and nurturing talent. The welcoming and supportive culture attracts an influx of internationals and multilingual workers from all around the world. In 2020, the Netherlands moved up to No. 6 in the INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index for its ability to grow and retain talent. On top of that, the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit and knack for innovation have created a flourishing startup ecosystem. As a result of its competitive climate, the Netherlands ranks as the No. 4 most competitive nation on the 2020 IMD rankings and No. 5 in the 2022 Global Innovations Index.

Top connectivity

The Netherlands’ infrastructure is strong, modern and provides unparalleled accessibility via road, waterway, rail and air. As the gateway to Europe, the Netherlands offers proximity to 170 million consumers in 500km and 244 million in 1,000km. Plus, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport offers many international connections which is a huge benefit for international companies headquartered in Amsterdam. From a digital perspective, the Dutch digital infrastructure, which includes AMS-IX, is more than exceptional and reliable. The Netherlands tops speed charts in the EU and boasts Internet connection in 98% of households, which is more than all other European nations.

International businesses choose the Netherlands as the gateway to Europe

Regardless of your company’s industry or size, choosing the Netherlands for your headquarters fuels future business growth. Just ask global players like Asics, Pepsico, MSD, Cisco Systems, Nike, Netflix, Fujitsu and SABIC. Other rapidly growing companies that have located their headquarters in the Netherlands are Optimizely, Vaxxinova, Advantech and Sun Pharma.

Among the international businesses headquartered in Amsterdam are Netflix, Lemonade and o9 Solutions. These companies chose the Netherlands for multiple reasons, including the multilingual talent pool, collaborative business environment and access to European markets. High tech companies like Fujifilm, Hanshow Technology and Google opted for the Netherlands’ top digital infrastructure and innovation ecosystem. In the life sciences and health arena, Vaxxinova, Genmab, BBio and PRA are taking advantage of the cutting-edge research and development opportunities at Dutch knowledge institutions. Regardless of industry, the Netherlands can open the door to opportunity and success in Europe and beyond.

Proximity to Clients and Customers

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