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A future built on Dutch high tech systems and materials

The Netherlands is more than a destination for global high tech systems and materials businesses. Innovators in robotics, quantum, semiconductor, photonics, aerospace and electrical vehicles are shaping the future here – and these industries are growing at speed.

  • 350 robot and automation suppliers
  • 85% of silicon chips contain Dutch-made components
  • 1,700 materials-related R&D firms
  • Innovation ecosystem with 100,000+ companies and 500,000 professionals nationwide

An ecosystem for future technologies

The Netherlands is seen as a breeding ground and testing center for new technologies. Robust public-private partnerships and cutting-edge R&D propel Dutch high tech innovation forward. And businesses investing in the Dutch high tech industry enjoy strong government support and world-class tech clusters.

The science and innovation parks centered around the Dutch universities offer excellent opportunities for collaboration, in inspirational locations. The High Tech Campus Eindhoven alone has over 220 companies and institutes – with 12,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs working to develop future technologies and products.

Innovation that works

As the inventors of the microscope, the Variomatic gearbox, WiFi and Bluetooth, the Dutch have innovated for centuries. And the country continues to pioneer new technologies, with leaders across industry, academia and government uniting to develop high tech systems and materials that solve great societal challenges.

Three renowned tech universities, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and TU Twente, produce large numbers of graduates in all STEM areas – including mechatronics and optomechatronics. And these institutions are making great headway in high tech applications, surrounded by strong tech clusters that are creating living labs focused on tomorrow.

The Netherlands also excels in testing and certification – helping businesses to industrialize novel applications. KEMA, DEKRA and Elaad, together with local lights TNO, VDL ETG and Demcon, are renowned for helping partners dramatically shorten their time to market and scale up at speed.

Far-reaching aeronautics, aviation and space

The Netherlands is dedicated to innovation in aerospace. The Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre and Unmanned Valley boast a wealth of Aerialtronics, Deck180, Drone Light Labs, and Mapture.ai experts. The community is fast-becoming synonymous with industry-leading urban air mobility, drones and sensors, and complements its peers in Earth Valley, Utrecht, who focus on geo-data  infrastructure and construction.

Yet the country’s ambitions go beyond the skies. As the wider region evolves from an old-space ESA-centric hub to a new-space commercial community, 80% of Dutch space activities now take place in the Zuid-Holland Aerospace Delta cluster. Indeed, Satellogic’s Berkel en Rodenrijs facility produces four satellites a quarter – and some of the country’s leading minds are working on missions to Titan.

Embedded electric vehicle (EV) industry

EVs are big news in the Netherlands, with the EV infrastructure now considered the 5th strongest globally by the rEV Index.

It is also a center for prototyping, manufacturing and remanufacturing. Sekisui Polymatech Europe produces thermal interface materials. Dutch-born ABB delivers new products from its Delft research center. And both Heraeus Battery Technology and Autocraft Solutions are working to enhance and recycle batteries.

International integrated photonics hub

PhotonDelta, funded by national growth fund, has helped build a strong Photonics ecosystem in the Netherlands centered around Eindhoven and Twente. A European center of integrated photonics, it offers a complete value chain for the main PIC technology platforms.

Many innovators in integrated photonics have set up here to drive solutions through research, design, development, and manufacturing. You will find leading edge companies such as Smart Photonics, Effect Photonics, Phix and LioniX International here, together with application-focused innovators such as Holst Centre and PITC.

A thriving quantum ecosystem

The Netherlands is making significant strides in quantum research and development. Quantum Delta NL coordinates work at five key hubs: Delft (computing, internet, and networks), Eindhoven (cryptography and simulations), Leiden (applied algorithms) and Amsterdam (applied algorithms and sensing). With the University of Twente’s (electronics, photonics and photovoltaics) MESA+ Institute also leading in nanotechnology research. The industry’s public-private collaborations provide powerful impulses behind future technologies.

The complete semicon value chain in one country

The Netherlands has transformed the global landscape of semiconductor technology. It is one of three countries in the world to have a complete semicon value chain within its borders. And 85% of all chips globally use Dutch semiconductors equipment in their design, development and manufacture.

High Tech NL Semiconductors, the national semiconductor network, stimulates cooperation between global names, local experts, universities and other knowledge institutions and innovation centers such as TNO and CITC. They work on new projects together, and forge crossover initiatives where semiconductors can take a key enabling technology (KET) role – for example Chip Tech Twente’s plan to increase chip production, and New Origin’s €6 million photonic chips foundry.

Opportunities in the Dutch robotics sector

With 224 robots per 10,000 workers, the Netherlands is ranked 13th globally for robot density.

Home to the European HQs of Plus One Robotics, Gecko Robotics, and Locus Robotics, it is a dynamic and rapidly evolving space. Many established robot and automation players work side-by-side with new innovators, reflecting the renowned Dutch collaboration between research institutions, industry, and government.

As well as ambitious local startups, international scale ups like inaho have set up operations here. And the Netherlands’ four technical universities excel in the field, in particular as specialists in medical and agro-robotics.

All these clusters have benefitted from the Netherlands’ geography. A train takes just 2.5 hours to traverse the country. World-class logistics hubs connect to European and global markets. And we all use English as a business language.

In the top 10 of the OECD’s global Better Life index, the Netherlands offers a great work-life balance. Not to mention a passion for technology, the resources for innovative companies to grow – and a culture of collaboration focused on solving complex problems and building complex machines.


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