Bluefors Expands in the Netherlands with New Quantum Lab

The world leader in cryogenic products expands its footprint in the Dutch Quantum ecosystem

Man and woman work on a piece of Bluefors equipment

Bluefors, a leading Finnish company specializing in ultra-low temperature refrigeration and cryogenic systems, has recently established a cutting-edge laboratory in Delft, the Netherlands.  

The lab provides companies access to a dilution refrigerator measurement system enabling them to perform quantum measurements with no need to invest in a system of their own. Quick and convenient, companies using the lab for experiments can use the Bluefors team for consultation and support. 

This state-of-the-art facility is expected to serve as a key platform for developing innovative solutions in the global scientific community and provide highly valued support to Bluefors’ growing customer base throughout Europe.  

Driving the future of quantum research  

Bluefors decision to expand to the Netherlands was strongly influenced by the Delft scientific community’s work with quantum technology. As one of Europe’s most critical quantum ecosystems, the scientific community in Delft will now have access to Bluefors new laboratory space and measurement services, providing easy access to its cryogenic measurement systems.  

A launching member of the House of Quantum in Delft, Bluefors has established itself as a prominent partner to the Netherlands’ growing focus on quantum technology. Dutch startup  Orange Quantum Systems, which provides fast testing of quantum chips, and partnered with Bluefors, provided the lab with a quantum research system to maintain the necessary room-temperature electronics. 

“We are on a mission to enable quantum breakthroughs and support scientists in their work. The Bluefors Lab in Delft will provide an excellent place for scientists to go further in their research, as there is a low barrier to access an excellent cryogenic measurement system setup. It was great to have a chance to celebrate this together with the Quantum Delft community”, said Sami Nyman, Bluefors Director of Services. 

Director of Services Sami Nyman in a black polo at the Bluefors Delft lab.

Director of Services Sami Nyman

The Netherlands at the forefront of quantum technology

A well-established global hub for technology, the Netherlands is primed for the quantum technology revolution. As quantum technology’s research and development stage takes off, the Netherlands’ geography provides an ideal cluster of research unmatched by its global competitors.  

Known for its pool of highly educated and multilingual talent and its flexibility in welcoming experts from around the world, the Netherlands has made itself readily available for the quantum technology boom.  

An ecosystem of collaboration 

As part of its commitment to the community in the city, Bluefors has placed a dedicated manager in the lab to support customers onsite. Technical Services Manager Arttu Huikuri, a cryo engineer and scientist, will maintain the lab’s cryogenic measurement system while helping the researchers and startups using the lab to further their ideas and innovations.  

Technical Service Manager Arttu Huikuri at the Delft Bluefors lab showcasing tech on computer

Technical Service Manager Arttu Huikuri

Anglo-Finnish company QuantrolOx, a developer of automated qubit control software, was one of the first to use the new lab’s services to test their control software and received consultation and support from the Bluefors team throughout the process.  

As the lab provides a unique opportunity to the quantum community to perform research and development with a flexible service, it is poised to open a new chapter in the story of quantum computing.

About Bluefors 

Bluefors is the world leader in manufacturing cryogenic measurement systems, cryocoolers and other cryogenic product lines for quantum technology, fundamental physics research and other select industries, such as life sciences and clean energy.  

  Source: Bluefors

15 May 2023

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