Workforce In The Netherlands: World-Class Talent Across Industries

The Dutch labor force is diverse, digitally skilled, multilingual, and embraces a healthy work-life balance. Talent is trained and nurtured through various programs which are aimed at a variety of career stages. The programs actively match educators with industry organizations to develop training aimed specifically at industry needs.

A robust, high quality education system

Talent in the Netherlands is a huge draw for foreign companies. The country fosters a robust university system that produces some of the best graduates in Europe. In the QS World University Rankings 2023, 11 universities in the Netherlands were ranked within the world’s top 250. On program level, various universities rank in the top 10, such as Wageningen University and Research (#1 in agriculture), TU Delft, (#2 in architecture and #5 in mechanical engineering) and Design Academy Eindhoven, (#9 in arts and design).

A digitally skilled and multilingual workforce

The Netherlands’ population ranks the highest among European countries for digital skills including proficiency in using the internet, computers and software, according to Eurostat. The Dutch knowledge of English as a second language is also continuously recognized as the best in the world in the EF English proficiency index.

Welcoming workforce, local and abroad

Renowned for its advanced industries and excellent quality of life, the Netherlands is an attractive location for international skilled professionals. The high diversity in the Dutch population is reflected in the workforce, and DEI initiatives are high on the agenda. For businesses seeking a diverse, highly skilled talent pool, the Netherlands is the international location of choice. As a member of the European Union, companies based in the Netherlands can tap into the talent and labor pool from all other member states. In addition, remote and hybrid workplaces benefit from our excellent digital infrastructure.

By the numbers, the workforce in the Netherlands is 82% service-focused, 16% manufacturing and 2% agriculture, according to Statistica.

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