The Netherlands Offers a Highly Skilled, Productive and Multilingual Workforce

The Netherlands is a strong international attractor of talent. For businesses seeking a multilingual and highly skilled workforce, look no further. The Netherlands is an internationally competitive location for a workforce. The country is also renowned for welcoming, developing and nurturing talent. The Netherlands moved up to sixth place in the INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020. The IMD Competitiveness ranking scored the Netherlands particularly well on factors like employment and labor market, with high attractiveness indicators for education level and skilled workforce. By the numbers, talent in the Netherlands is split with 82% in services, 16% in manufacturing and 2% in agriculture, according to Statistica.

Dutch life-long learning

To say the workforce in Holland is skilled would be an understatement. With the help of the Netherlands’ exceptional academic education and vocational training, Dutch participation in life-long learning is very high. This means that the Dutch continue to grow workplace skills even after completing formal education. A testament to these skills, the Netherlands has the largest share of inhabitants who are proficient in using the internet, computers and software, according to Eurostat and Netherlands Statistics. The Dutch knowledge of English as a second-language is also continuously recognized as the best in the world in the EF English proficiency index.

Dutch education and universities

With a robust university system that produces some of the best graduates in Europe, it’s no surprise that talent in the Netherlands is a huge draw for foreign companies. In the QS World University Rankings 2019, 13 universities in the Netherlands were ranked within the world’s top 350. Seven of those universities are within the top 150. Upon graduation, 6% of international graduates end up starting a business in the Netherlands. Additionally, since the Netherlands is part of the European Union, companies based in the Netherlands can hire talent from all other member states.

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