Sekisui Polymatech Europe Starts Production in the Netherlands

Chemicals firm will make thermal interface materials for the fast-growing electric vehicle industry

Sekisui Polymatech

Sekisui Polymatech Europe, part of the Sekisui Chemical Group, is starting production of specialized materials for the automotive industry at its new plant in Roermond, the Netherlands. It will serve the increasing demand for thermal interface materials for automakers, battery manufacturers and producers of powertrains and chassis components at a time when sustainability and safety are more important than ever for the automotive sector.

Local manufacturing for faster service to European customers

“Until now, elements for electric vehicles such as those for lithium-ion batteries have been made largely in Asia. Our focus is on local manufacturing,” said Makoto Sambongi, Managing Director of Sekisui Polymatech Europe. Sekisui has invested 12.3 million euros in the company and plant to deliver faster service for European customers and the broader market.

According to a press release by Sekisui Polymatech, it is anticipated that OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in Europe will produce 12.5 million electric and hybrid vehicles for the European market by 2025. This trend shows that the demand for heat-dissipation products for the lithium-ion batteries used in such vehicles is set to rise rapidly.

As lithium-ion batteries for environmentally friendly vehicles remain in very high demand and are continuously improving, automakers are always looking for experts able to solve battery problems caused by heat, said Makoto Sambongi. “We are using our know-how to generate new solutions and to develop products in line with customer needs,” he said.

Unique, environmentally-friendly production process

The construction of the 1977 square meter plant started in spring 2019, laying the foundation for efficient and sustainable production for materials such as heat-conductive greases tailored specifically to customer needs. The production process is unique and has been designed by Sekisui Polymatech Europe, providing a consistent quality level and risk minimization through full automation.

Moreover, the automated production will run entirely on electricity – with no consumption of water, gas or fuel. Aiming at a high-volume production, the facility has the capacity to produce material of around one million litter, grease for approximately 500,000 electric and hybrid vehicles.

Tailormade and sustainable products raise safety

“The number one priority for Sekisui Polymatech Europe is the safety of our customers and employees as well as environmentally friendly production of sustainable products,” Makoto Sambongi explained.

“Not only are these factors crucial to our competitive success on the European market; sustainability, environmental protection and safety are also values anchored in the corporate identity of the entire Sekisui Chemical Group. We develop products that make life easier for our customers.”

Sekisui is a Japanese conglomerate that has been active in the Dutch chemicals sector for more than 20 years, including the establishment of the European Research Center of its subsidiary Sekisui S-Lec.

Source: Sekisui Polymatech Europe

25 September 2020

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