Gecko Robotics chooses the Netherlands as Strategic Hub for European Expansion

Joining the Dutch high-tech ecosystem, the U.S. company aims to revolutionize infrastructure maintenance with AI and robotics

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Gecko Robotics, a robotics and industrial asset management software leader, is expanding its presence in the Netherlands. The U.S.-based company is revolutionizing physical asset maintenance through AI and robotics. They prioritize the reliability, sustainability and availability of critical infrastructure in the energy, manufacturing and maritime sectors.

The company selected Leiden in the Greater Rotterdam – The Hague area as its European hub for its energy innovation and maritime advantage. This strategic decision enables Gecko to tap into the vibrant expertise of the region’s ecosystem. Ryan Herman, Gecko Robotics European Managing Director, highlighted the natural fit of the Netherlands as the ideal location for their headquarters, saying, “Considering Gecko’s strong focus on the energy and maritime industries, the Netherlands naturally serves as the perfect location for our headquarters”.

Thanks to the support of the Invest in Holland regional partner InnovationQuarter, we forged valuable connections and gained increased visibility within the maritime community, particularly in one of Europe’s most significant ports. This support facilitated a smooth integration into the maritime sector.”

Advancing critical infrastructure maintenance

Gecko Robotics expansion into the Netherlands addresses the growing need for advanced technology integration in infrastructure maintenance. Gecko’s robots employ ultrasonic technology to scan ships, power plants, pipelines and refineries, revealing millions of data points that unveil concealed issues. Gecko’s inspections are 10x faster than current methods and collect 100x more data. This means less downtime and enables the development of tailored repair plans through AI-powered software that prolongs asset lifespan.

Additionally, the software implements predicative maintenance to optimize repair resources. These advanced inspection capabilities are beneficial to the European Navies, commercial shipping and energy firms.

Creating a smart, safe, and sustainable future for all

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Gecko’s wall climbing robots

By leveraging AI and robotics, Gecko aims to enhance the reliability, sustainability and availability of critical infrastructure powering critical sectors, including energy, public infrastructure, manufacturing, defense, maritime, and beyond.

‍Gecko Robotics’ combination of hardware and software solutions help some of the world’s most important organizations to advance the reliable and efficient operation of the physical assets. Already, Gecko Robotics has powered Siemens Energy services across 11 European countries, including a biomass plant owned by ENGIE in Belgium.

Regarding the transformative nature of Gecko Robotics AI software, Renato Turelli, Director, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, shared, “I had the opportunity to visit Gecko Robotics’ facility in Pittsburgh and personally observed how the company’s AI software is leading the charge in revolutionizing critical infrastructure maintenance. The technology not only improves safety, efficiency and sustainability but also calls attention to the Netherlands as an outstanding location, thanks to its robust energy industry and advanced robotics capabilities.”

A hub for high-tech innovation

Gecko Robotics found fertile ground in the Dutch high-tech ecosystem, an epicenter of innovation. In the Netherlands, the collaborative efforts between academia, industry, and the government continue to produce groundbreaking research and the development of innovative solutions.

“Our company’s origins are in Pittsburgh, known as a hub for robotics innovation, and we wanted to carry forward that spirit of exploration when selecting our new European headquarters”, said Herman.

Gecko Robotics is immersed in a dynamic environment, surrounded by world-renowned universities, thriving tech startups and easy access to key hubs like the Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Schiphol Airport.

With abundant opportunities in the Netherlands, Gecko Robotics is poised to contribute to Europe’s energy security and maritime excellence.

About Gecko Robotics

Gecko Robotics helps the world’s most important organizations protect their physical assets. Gecko’s robots capture data at previously unheard-of scale and fidelity, climbing pipelines, boilers, tanks, ship hulls, and much more in search of damage, no matter how subtle. Gecko’s software, in turn, enables human experts to contextualize that data and translate it into action.

Source: InnovationQuarter

20 November 2023

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