Autocraft Solutions Group to Advance the Circular Economy with Innovative Technologies in the Netherlands

The company will restore EV battery packs using its advanced testing capability

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U.K.-based Autocraft EV Solutions, a prominent player in electric vehicle (EV) testing and repairs, has opened a new facility at Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW) in Arnhem, the Netherlands. 

Autocraft’s patented testing methodology helps to maximize battery longevity. This equates to only a fraction of the ecological footprint compared to producing new components or recycling ones that have prematurely failed. The company’s cutting-edge testing and repair capabilities contribute to developing sustainable propulsion solutions for the global automotive market. In turn, these efforts contribute to the environmental benefits of EVs.

Tapping into the Netherlands’ renewable energy sector 

Autocraft’s presence in Arnhem marks a strategic move to strengthen its position in the EV market. The company’s facility is located at Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW), a clean energy campus for sustainable energy-related companies. Here and across the country, the Netherlands’ sustainability values drive businesses to innovate toward a better tomorrow. 

“We chose the eastern Netherlands, and more specifically Arnhem, because of the knowledge here in the field of electrification, battery and charging technology, and renewable energy,” explained Autocraft’s Executive Director Mike Hague-Morgan. “Arnhem’s location positions us closely to where there is high demand for our services, allowing us to provide an efficient EV testing and repair solution for our customers in Europe.”  

Autocraft’s decision to invest in Holland aligns with the company’s European growth strategy. Arnhem is known for its expertise in electrification, battery and charging technology and renewable energy. The region offers an ideal location for Autocraft’s operations. 

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Helping the world transition to net zero via recovery tech

Autocraft’s focus on maintaining and repairing battery packs contributes toward circularity and reducing admissions. The company aims to provide green solutions by deploying flexible technologies like its REVIVE™ MOBILE Repair Centre. This fully equipped mobile facility can test and remanufacture up to 2,000 battery packs annually. It can be deployed directly to customer manufacturing sites. This mitigates the environmental impact and logistical challenges of transporting large volumes of EV batteries. 

About Autocraft Solutions Group

Autocraft is one of Europe’s leading OEM partners for the manufacturing and remanufacturing of outsourced IC engines and EV batteries. The company fits right in with the Dutch priority of innovating sustainable solutions for the future. Autocraft was supported by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA),  Invest in Holland Network partner Oost NL, Connectr, IPKW and the municipality of Arnhem on its expansion. 

Source: Oost NL 

17 July 2023

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