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Europe's Largest Startup Ecosystem

Renowned internationally for its open culture and emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, the Netherlands is home to a vibrant, collaborative startup ecosystem. In fact, the Netherlands ranks No. 1 in the European Union for its startup business climate, according to the European Digital Forum’s 2016 Startup Nation Scoreboard.

Holland’s unrivaled digital infrastructure, highly educated, tech-savvy, English-speaking workforce and open corporate business culture provide an attractive and supportive test market for new business.

Ranked No. 4 in the EU on the 2017 European Innovation Scoreboard, the Netherlands is home to more than 10 leading innovation hubs, where startups benefit from world-class incubators and R&D facilities.

As of 2015, a new regulation makes it possible for ambitious entrepreneurs outside of the European Union to apply for a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands. The so-called “start-up visa” affords ambitious entrepreneurs one year to launch an innovative business. A prerequisite is that this start-up must be guided by an experienced mentor that is based in the Netherlands. After one year, the start-up entrepreneur may have the duration of their residence permit extended on the basis of the Dutch government’s self-employment scheme.

The Dutch government also offers tax incentives to promote corporate R&D and innovation, making the Netherlands one of the best values in Europe for startups.

Source: IMD WCY 2014


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