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The Netherlands offers a favorable living environment with an exceptional quality of life. There is a large variety of property to choose from and while rental pricing is somewhat higher than other European countries, it is much lower than European capitals such as London or Paris. If you choose to buy rather than to rent, interest paid on mortgage is fully deductible from your income tax return, if your property is used as primary residence and you are registered as a resident taxpayer.

What’s more, the Netherlands has a special tax regime for expats—the 30% ruling—which provides a substantial income-tax exemption (up to 30%) for a period of up to 60 months. The employer may also reimburse certain costs tax free, including international school fees, relocation expenses and moving allowance up to a certain amount. This is viewed as a reimbursement of the extra costs that come with living abroad.

Source: Numbeo 2018

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