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Thanks to its progressive policies, affinity for innovation and forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious population, the Netherlands is a leader in offshore, renewable and smart energy. Committed to strengthening its already strong position in the global energy industry, the Netherlands offers world-class R&D facilities and outstanding incentive programs that support and stimulate energy innovation.

Offshore Energy: Strategically located on the North Sea, the Netherlands is home to oil majors and maritime engineering multinationals servicing the North Sea Continental Shelf and far beyond. The Port of Rotterdam—Europe’s largest harbor—plays a major role in Holland’s off-shore energy success with one of the largest refining and chemicals clusters in the world. With access to workforce training institutes such as the Energy Delta Institute, Holland is also home to some of Europe’s best engineering talent in the energy sector.

Renewable Energy: The Dutch government offers a variety of competitive incentives to stimulate energy innovation and promote corporate use of renewable energy sources. As a result, the Netherlands has strengthened its top position in renewable energy R&D, particularly in wind turbine technology. This is further enforced by strategic public-private partnerships and world-class facilities, such as the Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind (TKI Wind op Zee), the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) and Delft University of Technology—one of the world’s leading specialists in sustainable energy.

Smart Energy: The Dutch government has invested heavily in smart grid innovations and solutions, facilitating developments in electric vehicles and smart energy technology. The Netherlands is home to the first ‘live’ smart grid community in Europe—PowerMatching City in Groningen—as well as the second largest fleet of plug-in electric vehicles in the world after Norway.

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Northland Power
Saudi Aramco
XEMC Darwind


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