Footprint Chooses the Netherlands for European R&D Center

Producer of biological alternatives to plastic will join Brainport Industries Campus

Footprint in Brainport Industries Campus

Photo courtesy of Rico Vogels

US-based Footprint has announced plans for a European R&D center at Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It is the first location in Europe for Footprint, which focuses on materials technology for the food industry. The company’s new R&D center will feature a prototype and test lab, research facility and be a primary hub of innovation for European customers seeking to transition away from single-use plastics. BIC will also be the location of Footprint’s European headquarters.

“Today marks an important step in creating a European center for Footprint’s sustainable materials innovation,” said Footprint CEO Troy Swope. “EU legislation eliminating many single-use plastics and European consumers’ progressive focus on sustainability has accelerated demand for plant-based fiber solutions. We’re very encouraged about the advanced conversations we’re having with European customers and look forward to providing new and timely solutions, led by this talented, Europe-based team.”

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), along with its Invest in Holland partner Brabant Development Agency (BOM), were in talks with Footprint since May 2020. “We are proud and happy that a company with such an impact on sustainability has chosen for the Netherlands and Eindhoven,” said Maarten Brouwer, Team Leader of Foreign Investments at BOM.

Dutch chemical ecosystem positions Footprint to develop circular, sustainable solutions

Today, Footprint provides some of the world’s largest packaged food producers with plant-based fiber alternatives to plastic. The company’s ambitions to enter the European market brought them to the Netherlands’ chemicals industry, where international firms and local institutions work together toward a sustainable future. In particular, Footprint seeks to grow within the ecosystem at BIC. The Eindhoven-based campus brings together high-tech firms, knowledge institutions, government agencies and high-quality facilities into a powerful, innovative community.

“This is a big player with a focus on a new, very relevant technology. Moreover, in their way of working and in the solutions they offer, they are fully in line with what the world desperately needs at the moment: circularity and sustainability,” said Ferdinand Gremmen, CEO at SDK Vastgoed (VolkerWessels), the developer behind Brainport Industries Campus. “That is why they fit so well in BIC as an energy-neutral campus. I expect a strong interaction with the other companies and institutions within our ecosystem.”

Photo courtesy of Rico Vogels

Building a multinational team in the Netherlands

Footprint looks to make an impact on the European market by helping quick-service restaurants, food manufacturers and retailers accelerate their transition to plastic-free alternatives. The company is building a team at BIC that will engage closely with clients as they look to follow regulations, embrace more recycling and composting options, as well as address consumer demands for environmentally friendly and healthier materials touching their food.

Source: Footprint, Brabant Development Agency (BOM)

15 September 2021

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