Mini-Circuits Expands into the Netherlands

Radio frequency specialist and component manufacturer to set up at Novio Tech Campus

Mini-Circuits expands into Dutch high-tech sector for RF and semiconductor market

US-based Mini-Circuits is opening a new office in Nijmegen, the Netherlands at the Novio Tech Campus (NTC), which will allow the company to expand its corporate service and support presence for its European customers. Mini-Circuits, which specializes in the design, manufacture and sales of radio frequency (RF)/microwave components and systems, will also use the office for its business development efforts in the global RF energy market.

“Mini-Circuits is very pleased to expand our European sales and marketing operations into the Netherlands,” said Mark Murphy, Global Market Manager for Power Amplifiers and RF Energy for Mini-Circuits. “The NTC gives us an ideal base camp to stage our entry into the RF energy market and for future growth as we extend additional resources to support our customers in Europe.”

Exciting potential for growth in European RF and semiconductor market

The Netherlands has a long history in semiconductor manufacturing, resulting in a diverse semiconductor ecosystem. As the inventors of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Dutch have long been world leaders in semiconductor technology. In fact, the Dutch high-tech systems sector is still booming, as semiconductors have come under high demand throughout the world. Through Top Sector High Tech Systems and Materials, the Netherlands unites government, industry and academia to find solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Mini-Circuits is a perfect fit for the Netherlands for these exact reasons. Their new office will be managed by Murphy, a 25-year RF/microwave industry veteran who will work to align the company’s power amplifier product line with market needs and expand its business into the industrial high-power RF market.

Ted Heil, Mini-Circuits president, noted, “We are confident that together with our UK Sales Office, Mark and the Nijmegen office will enhance Mini-Circuits’ coverage and support to our customers across Europe. We believe the Novio Tech Campus offers exciting potential for new partnerships with innovative peers on campus and throughout the region.”

Invest in Holland Network helps Mini-Circuits land in Dutch high-tech ecosystem

Mini-Circuits worked with the Invest in Holland network to establish its office in Nijmegen.

“The company fits very well in the RF-ecosystem in Nijmegen and the semicon-industry,” said Ben van den Broek, advisor Tech at Oost NL. “It’s a positive impact for our region, and we were glad to assist in their settlement.”

Eastern Netherlands, and particularly the Novio Tech Campus, has a long history of innovation within the high-tech, life sciences and health sectors. The campus is currently home to research facilities for many leaders in the RF/microwave and semiconductor industries, making it an ideal location for Mini-Circuits.

“Nijmegen, and especially the campus, has a vast and strong network of RF companies. Mini-Circuits is a great addition to this network. Their settlement on Novio Tech Campus will benefit both larger companies, such as Ampleon, and smaller ones, like pinkRF and Odyssey,” said Rikus Wolbers, director of Novio Tech Campus.

Source: Oost NL

24 March 2021

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