Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Establishes European E-Scrap Sampling Center at Moerdijk

MMC is a key player in the global recycling industry

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Establishes European E-Scrap Sampling Center at Moerdijk

Artist impression of new facility in Moerdijk

Japanese company, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC) is to invest 30.8 million euros (4.0 billion yen) in an E-scrap Sampling Center named MM Metal Recycling B.V. at a 30,000m2 site in the industrial area at the Port of Moerdijk. The MMC subsidiary, which will employ around 50 people, will receive, inspect, and sample E-scrap containing valuable metals, from discarded electronic components such as circuit boards. The construction process will commence this year and it is expected that the E-scrap Sampling Center will become operational in 2017.

Collection and analysis

MMC is a non-ferrous metals and cement producer and is a key player in the global recycling industry. Its primary focus in the recycling business is the collection of E-scrap and reclamation of metals used in the fabrication of electronic components. MMC’s proprietary smelting process enables it to reclaim a range of metals, with a low environmental impact. At the new Sampling Center, E-scrap will be inspected and samples taken for analysis, significantly shortening the process for valuation of E-scrap.

Prime location

The Moerdijk facility will serve the European market – one of the largest sources of E-scrap. The Port of Moerdijk’s advantageous location is one of the key reasons why MMC chose this site, as the E-scrap will be transported by sea to the company’s smelter and refinery in Japan.

Ferdinand van den Oever, Managing Director at Port of Moerdijk, was happy to announce: “The arrival of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is a welcome boost for our ambition to reinforce the existing recycling cluster, and, along with that, the circular economy.”

The entire site selection process was informed and guided by the Port of Moerdijk, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), Brabant Development Agency (BOM) and Rewin.

Note:  MM Metal Recycling B.V. is a joint venture of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (90%) and Hanwa Co., Ltd. (10%).

Sources: press release Mitsubishi Materials Corporation & press release Port of Moerdijk

4 July 2016

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