Nippon Electric Glass Announces Expansion of Production Capacity in Westerbroek

€ 53 million investment will see 100 new jobs at Dutch site

NEG Glass fiber

Nippon Electric Glass Co. Ltd (NEG) has announced it will approve a € 53 million (¥7 billion)  investment to expand the production capacity of glass fiber in its European subsidiary in Westerbroek, the Netherlands. The investment signifies a next step for NEG’s daughter Electric Glass Fiber NL (EGF NL) towards a sustainable and energy efficient production of glass fibers.

NEG’s investment positive impulse for region of Groningen

The new glass ovens will be equipped with the latest available technologies. At full capacity the ovens will produce 100,000 ton glass fiber “chopped strands” per year. NEG plans to reach the new capacity in the first quarter of 2019. “Reaching the new full capacity will be achieved in several stages and will result in 100 new full time jobs for the site” says Gerard Burger, director at EGF NL. “The investment will have a significant positive impact on the economic development of the province of Groningen.”

Glass fibre is helping reach sustainability goals of the automotive industry

The glass fiber produced at NEGs facilities is used for reinforcement of high functional thermoplastic resin in the automotive industry, energy sector, infrastructure and household articles. In the automotive industry use of advanced composite materials such as highly-functional fiber-reinforced resin materials is specifically attracting attention for its contribution to energy conservation and weight reduction. Due to these qualities, the fiber-reinforced materials are able to contribute towards achieving sustainability goals of the automotive industry.

NEG commits to innovation

“As part of NEG, the European glass fiber production locations will continuously work towards new innovative adaptations for the industry” says Eric Barrouillet, General Manager Fiber Glass Europe, Middle East and Africa. “After completion of the investment in Westerbroek, NEG will build on its leading position in the glass fiber market and continue to invest in glass fiber technology to develop innovative, high-quality products. NEG remains focussed on customer service and meeting the needs of its clients.”

Source: EGF NL

1 November 2017

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