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Strider Bikes to Establish European Headquarters in Holland

With its new European headquarters, the U.S.-based company will inspire future generations of riders across Europe

Strider Bikes recently announced plans to establish its European headquarters in Holland. The U.S.-based company specializes in creating and inspiring future generations of bicycle riders with its innovative, lightweight balance bikes.

European Headquarters

“The Netherlands has a wonderful cycling culture. Dutch people really like cycling; a love that we share. Our goal is to increase the mobility of young children and to let them discover the world from a bicycle,” said Ricardo Correia, Global Managing Director of Strider Europe BV.

“The movement world of parents and their children is growing, they can go outside more often and they are moving. We look forward to introducing the rest of Europe to our Strider Bikes from the Netherlands,” added Correia.

The Ideal Location for Pan-European Success

Ranked No. 4 in the world by Forbes’ “Best Countries for Business”, the Netherlands is a leading location for international expansions and European headquarters. Our pro-business climate, strong education system, multilingual workforce and superior logistics are just a few reasons why companies like Under Armour, DuPont and AtriCure chose Holland for their European hubs. By taking advantage of the Netherlands’ strategic location, Strider Bikes will inspire future generations of riders across Europe.

Source: De Ondernemer

22 May 2019

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