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The Hague: Global Beacon for Peace and Justice

Dutch City now home to more than 200 NGOs, Social Enterprises and Impact Startups

The Dutch city of The Hague may be best known for the high-profile legal cases tried within its city limits. But the seaside city is more than its international courts – The Hague has become a haven for social enterprises, nonprofit organizations and impact startups from around the world.

Since the first international peace conference in The Hague in 1899, the Dutch seat of government has been a global beacon for peace and justice. Today, more than 200 international organizations are based in The Hague.

“Every day people in The Hague work together towards a more peaceful, just, and secure world,” said Pauline Krikke, mayor of The Hague. “They work in international organisations, NGOs, and various start-ups as well as the Peace Palace – the symbol of international justice for more than a decade. Here we empower impact entrepreneurs and support innovation and technology to improve our planet.”

Thanks to a high concentration of government operations, the city is also a hub for entrepreneurship and cybersecurity. As tech and social good converge, The Hague is a launchpad for impact organizations to scale operations in Europe.

Where Tech Makes a Difference

Source: The Hague Security Delta

The Hague is building a vibrant European startup hub by investing in the Impact Economy Programme, an initiative to support growing companies and talented entrepreneurs who want to create a better world. Home of The Hague Security Delta – Europe’s largest cybersecurity cluster – 11 international schools and 3,750 international students, The Hague is the perfect place for companies eager to apply the latest technology to social causes. In fact, The Hague offers five different tech parks and incubators, as well as robust accelerator programs like YesDelft, World Startup Factory and ImpactCity. Startups in The Hague also have access to the UNIIQ Proof of Concept fund, which offers $25 million to help new businesses bring their ideas to market.

Where NGOs Connect

Source: ImpactCity

The Hague’s social enterprise network includes 135 of the world’s most respected NGOs, like the International Red Cross, Amnesty International and UNICEF. The Hague also hosts the UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organisation for Migration in the Netherlands.

Recently, The Hague welcomed the Humanity Hub, a unique platform uniting people and forward-thinking organizations. The hub is a workspace and community where private companies, knowledge institutes and the nonprofit sector promote peace and justice worldwide.

Where Good Goes Dutch

 Source: One Young World

The Hague takes its mantle as the international city of peace and justice seriously – in fact, the city is driven by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals at all levels. As Europe’s first Shelter City, The Hague is a bold leader in the defense and promotion of international human rights. This year, The Hague will host One Young World, the biggest international conference for young people, which deal with issues like justice, peace and the environment.

Guest blog by The Hague Business Agency (THBA). THBA offers free, confidential assistance to NGOs, impact startups and social enterprises interested in locating operations in The Hague.

10 December 2018

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