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Uber Freight Launches in Holland

After a successful debut in the U.S., Uber Freight will bring new opportunities to the logistics ecosystem in the Netherlands

Uber Technologies Inc., the transportation network company, launched its Uber Freight service in the United States two years ago. After this successful launch, Uber has chosen the Netherlands as the first European country to debut its Uber Freight app.

Similar to Uber’s flagship offering, Uber Freight matches carriers and shippers, allowing businesses to easily find a trucker ready to transport their goods with little notice. In addition to supporting businesses with professional services, Uber Freight provides truckers with steady access to work.

“Uber is a global company with a global mindset for its Freight business. Our expansion into Europe is an important first step toward bringing our vision of a more efficient, transparent freight marketplace to the international stage,” the company stated in its press release.

Uber Freight’s Gateway to Europe

Uber Freight’s launch in Holland strengthens the Netherlands reputation as Europe’s superior logistics location. The Netherlands is interlaced with more than 139,000 km of roads, including 3,055 km of limited-access, high-speed motorways. Additionally, Holland ranks No. 1 in the European Union and No. 5 worldwide for the quality of its roads, making it the perfect springboard into the European market for companies like Uber.

Source: Uber

1 April 2019

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