US-Based Renewable Energy Group Expands to the Netherlands

Iowa biofuels producer opens new operations center in Amsterdam

Iowa-based biofuels producer Renewable Energy Group (REG) recently celebrated the opening of its new operations center in the Netherlands. The new Amsterdam location will support REG’s international business activity and work closely with the company’s Iowa operations center.

operations center

REG is an international producer of biomass-based diesel and a developer of renewable chemicals. Using an integrated procurement, distribution and logistics network, the company converts natural fats, oils, greases and sugars into lower carbon intensity products. Currently North America’s largest producer of advanced biofuel, REG is growing rapidly. Earlier this year, the company invested $20 million to expand its Geismar, Louisiana biorefinery.

Europe’s Energy Hub

As a leader in renewable energy, it’s no surprise that REG chose the Netherlands for its newest operations center. With a strong position in the global energy industry, the Netherlands offers world-class R&D facilities that stimulate energy innovation. Such facilities include the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands and Delft University of Technology — one of the world’s top sustainable energy specialists.

Home to workforce training institutes such as the Energy Delta Institute, Holland is also home to some of Europe’s best engineering talent. Skilled talent, progressive policies and an environmentally-conscious population have drawn major multinational energy companies to the country. Bredero Shaw, Pinnacle Consulting Engineers and Amec Foster Wheeler all have operations in Holland.

Source: Biofuels International


8 June 2017

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