World’s Largest AI Research Network CLAIRE Opens Headquarters in The Hague

The Netherlands is fast becoming a major hub for artificial intelligence in Europe


The world’s largest research network for artificial intelligence, CLAIRE, opened its new headquarters in the Hague on 9 December 2019. The office will help to strengthen the position of the Netherlands, considered to be the digital gateway to Europe, as a major European hub for AI.

CLAIRE (Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe) was established in June 2018 to ensure that Europe remains competitive in AI and its applications. The organization’s focus is to raise the game in terms of investment in talent, research, technology and innovation in AI, with a focus on AI for Good and AI for All.

Ideal home for AI research and innovation 

“We are very happy and proud to have our headquarters in The Hague,” stated Dr. Holger Hoos, Professor of Machine Learning at Leiden University and a co-initiator of CLAIRE.

“Alongside The Hague’s reputation as a city of Peace and Justice, The Hague and the Netherlands in general, is an ideal home base for CLAIRE which is going to shape the way AI is going to be used in Europe. The Netherlands is a hotbed for AI research and innovation in Europe, and home to a large number of internationally leading experts in AI,” Hoos said.

The headquarters in The Hague will support CLAIRE activities throughout Europe, coordinating the work of existing offices in Prague, Saarbrücken, Rome, and Oslo, as well as offices soon to be opened in Brussels, Zürich, Paris, and Cork.

AI to enable UN Sustainable Development Goals

During the opening, CLAIRE announced a focus on AI for Good – and specifically, the use of AI to help reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. AI for All refers to the broad access to, and benefit from AI, across all of society, including small, medium-sized and large enterprises, government and public administration, non-governmental organizations and citizens across Europe and the world.

Responsible and human-centered AI

Deputy Mayor of the City of The Hague, Ms. Saskia Bruines, commented: “The use of AI offers many opportunities to potentially improve the lives of our citizens. However, this requires the development of a responsible and transparent approach to the use of AI, which is an important topic for Europe, the Netherlands and The Hague in particular. CLAIRE will contribute to make the international city of Peace and Justice a very relevant place for the development of the responsible use of AI in Europe in the coming years.”

Dutch government AI policy

In October 2019, the Dutch government launched its new nationwide Strategic Action Plan for AI. The aim is to ensure the Dutch economy remains globally competitive by stimulating AI based on the principle that both citizens and businesses can be confident that AI will be used responsibly.

Source: Innovation Quarter

16 December 2019

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