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"We are committed to running a sustainable business around the globe, and the Netherlands is no exception"

Coca-Cola has been present in the Dutch province of Brabant since the 1950s, boosting the local economy with close to 800 jobs. Its production site in Dongen continues to refresh the economy and environment in the region today.

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) sold 544 million liters of soda to Dutch consumers in 2015. Of this, 85 percent was produced in Dongen, thanks to local employee expertise and an investment of €90 million over the past three years to upgrade the production lines in Dongen. Upgrades include the opening of a new automated warehouse to drastically reduced transport to external warehouses, a new glass production line and a ‘re-pack’ line, which together increased the flexibility and efficiency of the Dongen site.

The facility in Dongen sits on top of Coca-Cola’s most important ingredient – water. “Everything possible is undertaken to combat pollution, prevent the source from running dry and ensure the natural development of the soil is left undisturbed,” according to Dongen’s Supply Chain Director, Rein De Jong. “We are extremely proud to have been awarded the European Water Stewardship Golden Certificate. This is great recognition for our long-standing commitment to sustainable water management.”

Collaboration between Brabant and Coca-Cola continues to drive forward environmental advancements in the region and beyond. One such project is the construction of a joint wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) – the first of its kind in the Netherlands. Coca-Cola, together with FUJIFILM, International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF Netherlands) Agristo, Cofely and De Dommel Water Board will “pool” their wastewater streams in Tilburg to reduce consumption and enable the redeployment of high-quality water back into the city.

“From the very beginning, the province of Brabant, the local municipality and BOM Foreign Investments have done everything they could to help us grow our business here,” adds De Jong. “They are important partners to us when it comes to finding the right people as well as connecting us to the right networks in the region to enhance our continuous innovation. These are critical as we strive to achieve the environmental goals we have set ourselves with our fullest conviction.”

Coca-Cola continues to be a global leader in the area of sustainable business practices and expertise, and Dongen has played a key role in helping to decrease the consumption of water per liter of product. “We are committed to running a sustainable business around the globe, and the Netherlands is no exception,” De Jong concludes.

Source: BOM Foreign Investments

November 2016

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