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Strategically located at the center of Europe’s largest markets, the Netherlands has established itself as a magnet for international companies and a leading site for European or regional headquarters. With a supportive corporate tax structure, a highly educated, multilingual workforce and a superior logistics and technology infrastructure, the Netherlands offers companies a perfect climate to compete successfully in Europe.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 leader or a small to mid-sized business, the Netherlands is a smart choice to locate international headquarters. Just ask major players like Cisco Systems, Forever 21, Nike, APM Terminals, Fujifilm, SABIC and Tesla or smaller operations like Optimizely, DoubleDutch, Advantech, Sun Pharma and Lux Research. Regardless of size, there’s nothing small about the results businesses see here.

Proximity to Clients and Customers

Source: IMD WCY 2016 (Western European countries)

Source: IMD WYC 2016 (Western European countries)

Source: IMD WCY 2016 (Western European countries)

Source: Numbeo 2018

Labor Costs 2014

Source: IMD WCY 2016 (Western European countries)


26 Aug 2019

Michael Lewis Company Breaks Ground on European Headquarters in the Netherlands

26 Aug 2019

More Brexit-impacted companies choose the Netherlands due to ongoing uncertainty

14 Aug 2019

Norinchukin Receives Approval to Establish a Banking Subsidiary in the Netherlands

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