African Bamboo Selects Delft for Applied R&D Center

Dutch-Ethiopian company African Bamboo expands R&D activities in the Netherlands

African Bamboo expands in the Netherlands

Started in 2013, African Bamboo works on bamboo-based alternatives to building materials. The company uses an exclusive, smart and energy-efficient production technology. African Bamboo produces pioneer materials utilizing tropical bamboo. The bio-composite panels are comprised with Yushania alpine, an Ethiopian highland bamboo species that is original to the African continent. This type of bamboo has exceptional properties in the production of advanced biomaterials. CEO Khalid Duri shares: “We are driven by a vision of a world in which bamboo is part of everyday life, providing sustainable materials, while contributing to the abatement of climate change and poverty.”

Fertile ground for innovation and growth

The Dutch-Ethiopian company benefits from the central location of the R&D center at YES!Delft. Duri on the expansion of African Bamboo: “We decided to select Delft for our R&D location to build on our relations with TU Delft & TNO.” The company has been working with leading Dutch and European research institutes for many years already. By expanding their presence in the Netherlands, African Bamboo aims at creating an innovation cluster for natural fibers in the heart of Europe. The company plans to establish high-tech laboratories and piloting facilities at a Center of Bamboo Research & Application (COBRA) and boost commercialization of products and applications.

Another reason to set up in Delft was the proximity of the Port of Rotterdam, Duri added. From receiving raw materials to exporting finished products, the Netherlands’ ports on the North Sea are global gateways to reaching European markets. The Dutch major ports are strategically located on open sea and at the mouths of three major European rivers, the Rhine, Maas, and Scheldt. This results in convenient opportunities for shipping needs by businesses operating within the Netherlands and further into the European Union.

A powerful team ready to help

The Invest in Holland Network is a collaborative team of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, regional economic development agencies, several large cities, and Holland International Distribution Council. The network works to provide a continuum of free, confidential support services to new foreign investors, as well as existing foreign investors that already have operations in the Netherlands.

InnovationQuarter is the regional development agency for the province of South Holland, also known as the greater Rotterdam – The Hague area. In close cooperation with major local corporations, educational and research institutions – like the Delft University of Technology – as well as government agencies, the agency supports technological developments with social impact. InnovationQuarter especially encourages entrepreneurship and invests in fast-growing companies. During the expansion process, InnovationQuarter assisted African Bamboo in finding the right location in West Holland. Next to that, InnovationQuarter introduced the company to the TU Delft campus and the region and supporting the African Bamboo team with relocation.

Source: InnovationQuarter 

14 October 2020

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