Asensus Surgical Announces New Training Center in Amsterdam

Asensus Surgical partners with Amsterdam Skills Centre to establish European surgical training center

Asensus Surgical Announces New Training Center in Amsterdam

US-based medical device company Asensus Surgical (formerly known as TransEnterix) has announced a partnership with the Amsterdam Skills Centre (ASC) in the Netherlands for surgical training. This training center will serve surgeons and staff throughout Europe with basic and advanced training on Asensus’ Senhance® Surgical System, the world’s first digital platform for laparoscopic surgery. Situated within the Dutch life sciences & health ecosystem, the ASC will also enable Asensus to engage with European surgeons in cutting-edge technology and clinical development studies.

“As [Asensus] continues to expand our footprint and adoption in Europe, we face a growing need to train European surgical teams on Senhance,” said Anthony Fernando, Asensus Surgical president and CEO. “The ASC is a world-class facility that is ideally located to meet our commercial needs. We are also pleased at the capabilities to cooperatively perform important technology and clinical development activities.”

“Bringing the Senhance Surgical system to the ASC is a major achievement in our vision to be a leading global site for advanced surgical training in minimally invasive technology,” said Prof. Dr. Jaap Bonjer, Professor of Surgery at Amsterdam University Medical Centre and CEO of the ASC.

The Netherlands: An ideal partner for pioneering minimally invasive surgery

Asensus is no stranger to the Dutch life sciences & health sector. In July 2020, Maastricht University Medical Center+ (MUMC+) became the very first hospital to utilize the medtech company’s Senhance Surgical System. A few months later in October 2020, surgeons at MUMC+ conducted the world’s first surgical operations on pediatric patients using the Senhance Surgical System.

With the announcement of the new training center at the ASC, Asensus has again signaled its confidence in working with Dutch life sciences experts to pioneer new technologies and innovations for improved medical care and a healthier world. The company recently changed its name to reflect its broader vision of shaping the future of surgery by integrating computer vision and machine learning with surgical robotics.

“We believe that the future of surgery will be driven by newer technologies that enable better information guidance in real-time. The Senhance combines machine vision and learning capabilities with precision surgery while also seeking to address high healthcare costs. This technology fits very well with our mission,” concluded Bonjer.

Source: BusinessWire

24 February 2021

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