Colorcon Announces Starch Manufacturing Plant in the Netherlands

The world-class supplier of pharmaceutical excipients and services will open a manufacturing facility in the Netherlands

Colorcon starch manufacturing facility

Colorcon Inc. recently announced plans to open a starch manufacturing plant in the Netherlands. With the help of the new manufacturing facility in the Netherlands, Colorcon plans to double its existing manufacturing capacity for Starch 1500, Pregelatinized Maize Starch by 2022. Located near Amsterdam, the facility will also support the continued growth of Colorcon’s excipient business across the world.

In addition, Colorcon will produce GMP starch products for the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets in the EMEA region. The U.S.-based company also chose the Netherlands for its strategic location and access to the Port of Rotterdam.

“The location has been chosen to bring manufacturing closer to our customer base in Europe. The plant will provide a secure second source of supply with the same quality, consistency and equivalency to the product manufactured in our existing facility in Indianapolis, IN, USA. The new facility will enable Colorcon to take advantage of new advances in process control and automation to manufacture a product that has over 40 years of history in use across the pharmaceutical industry,” said Nathan Evans, Operations Project Manager Netherlands.

Martti Hedman, CEO, Colorcon Inc. added, “by investing ahead of demand, the facility is also an important step in securing the supply chain for our customers and enhances Colorcon’s Business Continuity Plan as the demand for Starch 1500 continues to grow.”

Europe’s Hub for Life Sciences and Health

For pharmaceutical suppliers and companies like Colorcon, the Netherlands is the ideal gateway to Europe. The Netherlands’ life sciences and biopharmaceutical sectors support collaboration, innovation and cutting-edge research and development. In fact, the Netherlands is home to more than 2,900 life sciences and health companies that employ over 34,000 people. Additionally, the European Medicines Agency recently relocated to the Netherlands, further solidifying Holland’s reputation as a leading life sciences hub.

Source: Colorcon

18 July 2019

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