Medtech Company Aparito Opens European Headquarters in Leiden

The British company specializing in rare and paediatric disease research expands in the Netherlands

Aparito opens in Leiden Bio Science Park

Aparito, a UK-based Medtech company specialized in rare and paediatric disease research, has expanded to The Netherlands and opened their European Headquarters in Leiden. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and InnovationQuarter supported Aparito with their settlement at the Leiden Bio Science Park.

Developing treatments for rare diseases

Developing treatments for patients with rare diseases is challenging. Although labelled ‘rare’, there are more than 6,000 rare diseases that affect 350m people. Aparito supports the development, access and monitoring of promising therapies for children and patients with rare conditions using innovative data collection technology. Aparito combines in-house expertise in drug development for rare diseases and paediatrics using the most effective regulatory strategies.

Patient experience at the heart of service design

By collecting continuous patient-generated data outside of the hospital setting, throughout the drug development process, Aparito provides solutions to capture the “disease in motion” – a unique opportunity to understand more accurately how a patient is feeling and functioning. This reduces the burden on patients, with fewer visits and hospital-based tests and assessments.

Most importantly, Aparito puts the patient experience at the heart of their service design, working closely with patient groups to ensure that the technology fits their needs and is integrated into drug development programmes from the earliest phase.

Aparito follows the European Medicines Agency to the Netherlands

Aparito B.V has joined the Netherlands following the move from the European Medicines Agency headquarter from London, which will trigger new activities in related health areas in the country. The Leiden Bio Science park is the largest and most mature life sciences cluster in the Netherlands, its business and academic communities are robust and easily accessible. This is very important for the company, as they consider it a source of constant innovation.

Source: Aparito

2 October 2019

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