MSD Expands Considerably in the Netherlands

New Haarlem facilities respond to growing global demand for vaccines and Brexit

MSD New Haarlem facilities respond to growing global demand for vaccines and Brexit

MSD, the largest pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands, is substantially expanding its location in Haarlem with new production lines, a new laboratory and a “cold store”. This is necessary to be able to meet the worldwide growing demand for vaccines and because of Brexit, the company reports.

The new facilities are expected to be operational at the beginning of 2021 and will accommodate several dozen extra employees.

Vaccines for 140 countries

MSD packages and sends 80 million doses of vaccines every year from the Netherlands to more than 140 countries. The expectation is that this number will grow considerably in the coming years.

In response, MSD will build a new laboratory (to be able to perform quality tests) and a so-called cold store for cooled storage of vaccines, with 5000 pallet places. MSD will also expand the existing vaccine building and install three new packaging lines for vaccines.

Contributing to global health

From Haarlem, MSD exports 10 different types of vaccines, for example against mumps, measles and rubella (for children), but also HPV (for young adults), shingles and pneumococcal diseases for adults.

“These vaccines play an important role in the health of people around the world,” said Falk Brocker, director of the MSD factory in Haarlem. With the expansion we are therefore literally building our future. There will be new buildings, new packaging lines and new colleagues in Haarlem,” Brocker said.

MSD takes measure to prepare for Brexit

MSD has taken various measures in recent years to be able to continue supplying medicines and vaccines in the event the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in a so-called Brexit. In Haarlem the capacity has already been expanded to do all the tests that are being done in the United Kingdom for the European market in Haarlem. With the new expansion, these capacities become permanent.

Oss and Boxmeer

MSD reports that the investments in Haarlem are part of the company’s extensive 16 billion dollar program to improve (production) facilities throughout the world. MSD locations in Oss (biotech) and Boxmeer (animal health) in the Netherlands are also part of this program and are undergoing construction at present.

About MSD

MSD has been a key player in the Dutch life sciences & health sector since 1954 and currently employs some 1,700 people across its locations in the Netherlands.

Source: MSD press release


1 November 2019

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