NanoCell Therapeutics Has Found its Base for Gene Therapy Research in the Netherlands

US-based biotech company sets foot in the Dutch research infrastructure to transform the field of immuno-oncology

NanoCell TherapeuticsPhoto: Harold van de Kamp | Utrecht University

Biotech company NanoCell Therapeutics has officially established Dutch operations in Utrecht, the heart of the Netherlands, to further develop its biological entity-based gene therapy platform. The company intends to grow its operations over the years and considers the biotech ecosystem in the Netherlands to be the ideal place for its ambitions.

NanoCell is transforming cell & gene therapy

The Netherlands ranks among the top 5 in the world in the field of regenerative medicine and is number one when it comes to the impact of published articles. With a vision to transform the cell & gene therapy sector by developing affordable, scalable and widely accessible therapies for these patients, the Netherlands is the right location for NanoCell Therapeutics to carry out its research & development.

“Among the many biotech regions across the US and Europe, we found in the Netherlands a particularly facilitating environment for our company,” states CEO and Co-founder of NanoCell Therapeutics Maurits Geerlings.

State-of-the-art biotechnology

NanoCell Therapeutics uses a nanoparticle technology that can deliver DNA plasmids and RNA to specific cells of interest upon intravenous administration, such as T cells. This technology has the potential to transform immuno-oncology therapies, such as CAR-T and TCR. These particles can also be directed to monocytes, NK cells, B cells, and subsets thereof, which could even broaden the spectrum of applicable clinical indications beyond oncology to others such as autoimmune or inflammatory conditions and infectious diseases.

Phenomenal connections in the Netherlands

By expanding to the Netherlands, NanoCell Therapeutics enters the highly connected Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector, where collaboration between knowledge institutions and biotech companies is deep-rooted. NanoCell Therapeutics partners up with Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht to further establish the technology.

“The Utrecht Science Park has helped us establish phenomenal collaborations with Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht, which satisfy important corporate and R&D needs, while nurturing mutual interests,” said Geerlings.

21 May 2021

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