Nikon’s First European BioImaging Lab opens in the Netherlands

Nikon BioImaging Lab in Leiden provides expert imaging support – on demand

Nikon BioImaging Lab opening Leiden

Ida Haisma and Bo Kajiwara cut the ribbon and officially open the Nikon BioImaging Lab

On 5 October, Nikon Europe B.V., the European microscopy arm of Nikon Healthcare Business Unit and a world leader in the development and manufacture of optical and digital imaging technology for biomedical applications, has announced that its first European Nikon BioImaging Lab (NBIL) based in the prestigious Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) is now officially open.

The inauguration and ribbon cutting took place with a symbolic transfer of the 17th century van Leeuwenhoek’s microscope, by Amito Haarhuis, one of the Netherlands’ most iconic inventions. World-famous for his pioneering work and discoveries in microscopy, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek developed this single-lens microscope, which proved capable of more powerful magnification than other lenses.

From the first microscope to the latest innovation in microscopy instrumentation and software

Nikon BioImaging Lab opening Leiden

Amito Haarhuis offers to Bo Kajiwara a faithful replica of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’s microscope to address the origin and evolution of microscopes for healthcare research

During the opening, Takaharu Sasaoka, Director and Executive Vice President, Healthcare Business Head, Nikon Europe B.V., mentioned his appreciation for the symbolism of the microscope transfer, “It is very appropriate that Nikon, with over 100 years of expertise in optical technology, should open its first European Nikon BioImaging Lab (NBIL-Leiden) here in the Netherlands, the home of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the ‘father of microbiology’, whose systematic and extensive research laid the foundations of medical and scientific research. Our mission also is to advance healthcare and provide a better quality of life.

Mr Sosaoka continued “We are very excited to be located here in the Leiden Bio Science Park, the largest life sciences cluster in the Netherlands, and I would like to thank all the organizations that helped Nikon Europe B.V. locate and develop this partnership. Following the success of our Nikon BioImaging Labs in the US and Japan, NBIL-Leiden will provide services for microscope-based imaging and analysis to the European biotech, pharma, and larger research communities. We are more than a core facility – our full-service capabilities include not only access to Nikon’s innovative microscopy instrumentation and software, but also the services of expert biologists and microscopists, who are available to provide quality cell culture, sample preparation, data acquisition, and data analysis services.”

Nikon BioImaging Lab offers cutting edge imaging facilities to Life Sciences and Health Sector

NBIL-Leiden will provide the Dutch and European Life Sciences and Health Clusters the latest imaging facilities fort their research. Daniel Ciepielewski, General Manager, Healthcare Division, Nikon Europe B.V., explains further, “NBIL-Leiden provides full-service imaging, data analysis, and cell cultures using cutting-edge Nikon microscope systems and software solutions, including the new laser scanning confocal AX R, the incubated high content imaging platform LIPSI, deep learning software, research inverted microscope Ti2-E, and compact live-cell imaging microscope BioStudio-T. Unlike other imaging facilities the lab offers full-service cell culture capabilities – our experienced staff is equipped to handle cell thawing, maintenance, expansion, differentiation, and other essential operations.

“The level of service and involvement of the lab is determined individually for each client based on need. Some need only access to equipment and are capable of data acquisition/analysis on their own, while others may require full-service imaging and analysis support. Additional applications include high content imaging and analysis, 3D imaging, fluorescence imaging, high-resolution imaging, color imaging, label-free imaging, cell screening and high throughput imaging, among others. NBIL-Leiden is now open, providing expert imaging support – on demand.”

Nikon opening imaging facility in Leiden in good company

Nikon BioImaging Lab opening Leiden

Speakers at NBIL’s Inauguration ceremony from left to right: Daniel Ciepielewski, General Manager, Healthcare Division, Nikon Europe B.V., Volodymyr Nechyporuk-Zloy, Nikon BioImaging Laboratory Manager, Takaharu Sasaoka, Director and Executive Vice President, Healthcare Business Head, Nikon Europe B.V., Amito Haarhuis, Director of Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Bo Kajiwara, Corporate Vice President, Nikon Corporation, Director & President, Nikon Europe B.V., Paul Dirkse, Vice Mayor of the City of Leiden, Hilde van der Meer, Commissioner, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, Ida Haisma, Director of Stichting Leiden Bio Science Park, Chris van Voorden, Director Foreign Investments of InnovationQuarter, Thijs de Kleer, Director of Biopartner Leiden, Ziryan Othman, Team Leader Biotechnology Solutions and European Product Manager Cell Solutions, Nikon Europe B.V.

The official opening took place on September 22nd with a welcome by Ziryan Othman, Team Leader Biotechnology Solutions, Nikon Europe Healthcare Division, followed by addresses by representatives of the organizations involved in helping Nikon Europe B.V. locate and develop the partnership with the Leiden Bio Science Park.

Nikon Europe B.V. is grateful for the assistance of InnovationQuarter, the regional economic development agency for the Province of Zuid-Holland, which assisted us in finding the right location and helped coordinate communication to develop the partnership with the Leiden Bio Science Park. Nikon Europe B.V. is also grateful to the following contributing companies who have partnered with NBIL-Leiden: Clean Air Baker, PHC, Crest Optics, Photometrics, CoolLed, and Precipoint.

Source: Nikon Europe BV

5 October 2021

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