Red Trident Expands to the Netherlands, Joins Security Delta (HSD) in The Hague

The US IT company’s first European office will strengthen the Dutch cybersecurity ecosystem 

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Houston-based OT cybersecurity company Red Trident has expanded to the Netherlands. Red Trident set up its office in the Security Delta (HSD), the heart of the Dutch security cluster and part of the greater Rotterdam-The Hague region. 

“The HSD campus offers us the ideal base to support Red Trident’s growth. Within just an hour, we have the Port of Rotterdam, national cybersecurity units, universities, and a large cluster of innovative companies and partners all working together to solve cybersecurity challenges,” commented Emmett Moore, Red Trident’s founder and CEO.  

Red Trident announced as a Premium Partner of HSD 

During the RSA Conference in San Francisco this month, HSD announced Red Trident as a Premium Partner. This means the company will gain access to market, knowledge, innovation, talent and capital, in turn partnering to help influence the cluster’s direction.  

“Because we work in different sectors, we have a big diversity of understanding. We also help a lot with standards creation in the US, we hope to help the Netherlands and the great EU develop meaningful standards that can be adopted by all. We’d love to bring that knowledge over,” said Moore, regarding Red Trident’s partnership with HSD. 

“We’re very serious about being here, and we’re very serious about OT cybersecurity and helping customers with it,” Moore added. “I’m hoping the HSD community as well as the bigger ecosystem will look at our partnership and see that we’re really out here trying to help develop OT cybersecurity.” 

Red Trident is no stranger to solving challenges and being collaborative, thanks to its cost-effective approach to understanding attackers and creating cyber programs for companies of all sizes. By locating in the greater Rotterdam-The Hague region, Red Trident is able to bring its knowledge from the U.S. to the large cybersecurity cluster in the Netherlands, a major hub for cybersecurity in Europe.

Seeking cross-industry collaboration to solve security challenges 

Red Trident is not only focused on its own expansion but being a partner to companies in the Netherlands and across Europe. The team conducts assessments to uncover shortcomings in technology usage and makes sure technology adaptation is used in all industries and company sizes.  

Invest in Holland network partner InnovationQuarter is also involved in Red Trident’s expansion and will continue its support and partnership. “Red Trident is looking to its new partnership with the Hague Security Delta (HSD) and InnovationQuarter to meet more customers, partners, and peers to advance OT cybersecurity in Europe.” Moore added.

A hub for cybersecurity in Europe 

The Hague is a hub for cybersecurity not only in the Netherlands, but Europe, especially with Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and NATO’s Communications and Information (NCI) Agency. HSD itself connects more than 275 public and private partners collaborating on secure digitalization for society. Nearly one-third of all Dutch cybersecurity firms are based in the greater Rotterdam and The Hague region. 

“We looked at many different countries like Germany, France, Sweden and Ireland, … Of all these countries, the Netherlands made us feel most at home,” Moore explained.

Source: Security Delta (HSD), InnovationQuarter, Red Trident

15 June 2022

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