Semicon in the Netherlands: Full-on Innovation

A complete semiconductor value chain, over 15,000 experts, within 220 kilometers

Semicon in the Netherlands

The microchips in your phone, your laptop, even your coffee machine: chances are they can trace a direct link to the Netherlands. In fact, 85% of all chips globally use Dutch semiconductor equipment in their design, development, and manufacture.

As one of only three countries to have a complete semiconductor value chain, there are now over 15,000 experts breaking technological boundaries at big names, local specialists, leading researchers, and respected universities.

But why has one of society’s most vital industries found such fertile ground here in the Netherlands? Check out these 9 reasons why semicon innovators are accelerating their solutions here.

1. A high-tech history of Dutch innovation

Now decades strong, the Netherlands’ semicon industry has a global reputation for pioneering industrialization. As the leading players started basing their operation here, an influx of supply chain expertise arrived too – together with High Tech Systems and Materials (HTMS) innovators. Today, with a wealth of talent within a 2.5hr ride, and superb digital connectivity, business is simpler. You can innovate at speed.

2. Big semicon leaders call the Netherlands ‘home’

Dutch businesses hold a 33% share of the semicon manufacturing equipment market – led by the industry No.1, ASML. Put together, there are 300 companies in the area in and beyond Brainport Eindhoven, turning over €32bn+ a year. Research, design, big deals, and breakthroughs: the Netherlands is where the major semiconductor stories happen.

3. The rock-solid Dutch semicon value chain

One of just three countries to have strong players in all seven steps of the semicon value chain, the Netherlands can connect you with success from day one. From design, testing, and fabrication to assembly and final packaging – you’ll find all the partners you need within a 220 km radius. Making it easier to focus more closely on accelerating growth.

4. The Netherlands’ semiconductor Eureka! moments

With 50,000+ people in the field, you are never far from a semiconductor innovator here. They are the minds behind Dutch-born NXP’s and ASML’s EUV systems and the teams delivering front-end processes, integration and packaging equipment for ASMi, Boschman, BESI, Solmates, and Sempro. The community is shaping the way the world produces semiconductors.

5. The trusted ‘Made in Netherlands’ semiconductor label

85% of the world’s integrated circuits are made on machines designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. This stems from our leadership in analogue chips, RF, automotive electronics, radar, LiDAR, NFC, and Power Electronics. EUV lithography, Atomic Layer Deposition, Advanced Packaging, and Metrology – Dutch semicon technologies are trusted around the world. 

Semicon robots in the Netherlands

6. Dutch quadruple helix approach to semiconductors

The Netherlands is famed for a quadruple helix approach to innovation that combines the efforts of knowledge institutions, industry specialists, public society, and government. Good examples are Chip Tech Twente’s plan to increase chip production, and New Origin’s €6m photonic chips foundry. And across the board, there is a focus on safer, healthier, and more sustainable practices.

7. A Dutch technical education producing exceptional semicon talent

The success of tech sectors such as semicon has inspired people across the Netherlands. Right now, there are around 1.5m highly skilled professionals working in tech. The pipeline is strong too, with three top technical universities – TU Delft, University of Twente and Eindhoven University of Technology – and a number of specialist technical colleges.

8. The Dutch location and government fuels innovation

Business is seamless here. The Dutch government’s portfolio of incentives complements wider regulation such as the European Chips Act. A strong international venture capital scene – with key players such as the Deep Tech Fund by InvestNL – gives startups their chance to shine. And the country’s location also makes logistics easy, either to mainland Europe or through global hubs like Schiphol Airport or the Port of Rotterdam.

9. The Netherlands’ big 5 semicon clusters

The Dutch semiconductor industry has evolved to create five clusters, each leaning into particular specialisms. Hubs at Enschede and Nijmegen have a wealth of research and development centers. Eindhoven is strongest in development and production. And Delft and Leuven are home to a mix of innovators in every area of semicon innovation and production.

Be part of Semicon’s exponential growth

Put together, the Netherlands semiconductor story is one of exponential growth. A global leadership built on strong technological infrastructure, a skilled workforce, supportive business environments, the strategic location, and a focus on future oriented solutions. For semiconductor companies the Netherlands is not just an attractive business proposition. It’s the smartest route to achieving your global ambitions.

30 January 2024

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