Invest in Holland 2023 Recap: New Ventures in the Netherlands Create a Positive Impact

Foreign companies join Dutch ecosystems in accelerating smart, sustainable solutions for the future

As 2024 commences, global investment continues to flow into the Netherlands. Companies from around the world recognize the country’s strategic advantages, commitment to innovation, high competitiveness and thriving business environment. In turn, these ventures not only contribute to the economic growth of the country’s ecosystems, but also align with the Netherlands’ commitment to making a positive impact on both people and the planet. 

Key sectors such as IT & tech, life sciences & health, chemicals, agrifood, energy and high tech systems all contribute to the Netherlands’ appeal, attracting innovators eager to transform industries and advance new solutions as part of the Dutch ecosystem.  

The Netherlands made headlines in 2023, securing top positions across numerous global rankings. The country cemented its place among the world’s best in the Global Innovation Index, European Innovation Scoreboard and IMD World Competitiveness ranking. Not to mention, the Netherlands also ranked as the fifth happiest country in the World Happiness Report. 

Stories of companies that invested in Holland last year offer the best proof of these accolades. A truly diverse set of companies chose to expand and relocate, positioning themselves in the ideal location to develop smart, sustainable solutions for the future. Let’s recap some of the highlights from 2023: 

MSD Animal Health opens world’s largest vaccine facility in the Netherlands 

Rick DeLuca, Global Director of MSD Animal Health (left) in dark suit with blue tie and Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Micky Adriaansens (right) in dark suit with pink shirt cut ceremonial ribbon

Rick DeLuca, Global Director of MSD Animal Health (left) and Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Micky Adriaansens (right) Photo Credit: Enrique Meesters for MSD

In early 2023, MSD Animal Health unveiled its cutting-edge animal vaccine production facility in the Dutch city of Boxmeer, making it the world’s largest center of its kind with an annual output of 55 billion doses. Solidifying its presence in the dynamic Dutch life sciences & health ecosystem, MSD underscores the impact of transatlantic collaborations between the Netherlands and the United States. 

TASK opens phase 1 facility with UMC Utrecht

Expanding its global health impact, South Africa’s TASK Applied Science opened a phase 1 research facility in Utrecht in collaboration with University Medical Center Utrecht. The U_TaCT clinical trial combines TASK’s industry expertise with UMC Utrecht’s academic excellence, highlighting the Dutch spirit of cross-collaboration. TASK aims to research pathologies, test medications and provide innovative solutions to the market, supported by the Invest in Holland Network. 

Decarbonizing industries: Air Products’ hub in The Hague 

In March, leading American hydrogen company Air Products opened its first project delivery office in The Hague. The move signaled a pivotal step in the company’s commitment to driving the global energy transition. Air Products’ new office in the Netherlands serves as a center for cutting-edge projects focused on decarbonizing industries throughout Europe and beyond. 

“From this new office in The Hague, we will develop and execute various engineering and construction projects in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. As Air Products, we are a first mover and are involved in several projects such as building a new hydrogen plant in Rotterdam. These projects make the energy transition a reality. I am proud that we will now do the same with our teams from this new location in The Hague,” said Joost Parmentier, General Manager – Project Delivery EMEA at Air Products. 

NATO Innovation Fund Netherlands

NATO: Boosting Dutch tech startups 

The NATO Innovation Fund (NIF) chose the Netherlands as the location for its headquarters in 2023, strengthening the country’s capacity for accelerated innovation. The fund provides Dutch startups with increased access to capital, fostering the development of complex technologies to address societal and security challenges. 

Bluefors: Elevating quantum research  

Finnish company Bluefors, a global leader in cryogenic systems, expanded its presence in the Netherlands, establishing a cutting-edge quantum laboratory in Delft in May. The facility offers convenient access to potential customers and researchers alike, strengthening Bluefors’ position as a key player in Europe’s fast-growing quantum technology landscape. 

HIMSS pioneers digital health advocacy in Rotterdam

In June, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) launched its global headquarters in Rotterdam. The move positions HIMSS at the heart of the Dutch life sciences & health community, supporting the organization’s mission to reform the global health ecosystem through information and technology. 

Aduro Clean Technologies: Driving the plastic upcycling revolution 

Canada-based innovator in sustainable technologies Aduro Clean Technologies established its European hub in Geleen. Aligned with the Dutch commitment to a circular economy, the company is furthering its hydrochemolytic process for transforming waste plastics into valuable resources. 

Autocraft EV Solutions innovates EV battery testing for a circular economy 

Autocraft EV Solutions, a prominent U.K.-based player in electric vehicle (EV) testing and repairs, opened a facility at the clean energy-focused Industriepark Kleefse Waard in Arnhem in July. Autocraft’s advanced testing methodologies aim to maximize EV battery longevity. Much like the Netherlands, the company holds strong sustainability values and aims to develop eco-friendly solutions for the global automotive market, fostering the transition to a net-zero future.

Labware: Boosting scientific innovation in Wageningen 

U.S.-based LabWare, a global leader in laboratory automation and data management, expanded its footprint to Wageningen in August. Strategically located, Wageningen features a rich community of research institutions and innovators, providing an ideal setting for LabWare. The Netherlands will help empower the company to generate sustainable solutions in agrifood and life sciences & health. 

“When we considered our new European expansion, we carefully evaluated various locations and Wageningen stood out as the ideal choice for us. The region’s reputation as a center for scientific research and innovation, combined with its strong network of research institutes and potential industrial partners, made it an attractive destination for our company,” noted Frank Hendriks, Territory Manager Benelux at LabWare. 

A person in a lab coat and mask working on a computer

Initio Cell’s advanced organ-on-a-chip lab boosts drug development 

Based in Türkiye, Initio Cell expanded its European presence with a fully equipped biological safety lab in Leiden at the renowned Leiden Bioscience Park. The Netherlands’ active MPS (microphysiological systems) ecosystem will enable the company to develop its pioneering multi-functional organ-on-a-chip devices in collaboration with partners in academia and industry. 

“We visited various science parks in different countries and the Leiden Bioscience Park was by far the best. The infrastructure and close collaboration with academia was present, all companies were in compatible life science fields and maybe the most important was the people factor. The Leiden Bioscience Park administration is there to help us grow with a sincerely friendly and resourceful attitude,” said Aydın Öztunali, CEO and co-founder of Initio Cell. 

Nearshore Networks expands to Breda: Shaping the future of maritime communications 

Revolutionizing maritime communications, Nearshore Networks opened a technical engineering center in Breda. The move strengthens Nearshore’s ability to shape the maritime industry’s future, in concert with Dutch innovation and sustainability initiatives. 

Nefit Bosch’s hydrogen test center powers sustainable solutions 

In September, heating manufacturer Nefit Bosch began building a test center for hydrogen-powered heating systems in the Netherlands, transforming an existing production hall in Deventer. Supported by the Invest in Holland Network, Nefit Bosch’s expansion demonstrates the Netherlands’ attractiveness as a hub for R&D innovation in the field of hydrogen, advancing the energy transition as a whole. 

KnowBe4’s EMEA headquarters in the Netherlands looks to foster cybersecurity resilience 

Global leader in cybersecurity KnowBe4 established its EMEA headquarters in the Netherlands, drawn to the country’s digital infrastructure and strategic location. The move highlights the Netherlands’ strong cybersecurity ecosystem, which enhances digital security for organizations in Europe and beyond. 

TiNDLE Foods looks to elevate plant-based innovation in R&D 

TiNDLE Foods, a Singapore-based food tech startup, opened its Innovation and R&D center in the Netherlands. TiNDLE joins the ranks of leading companies that are shaping the future of plant-based protein within the Netherlands’ thriving agrifood ecosystem. 

“As a global leader in the modern food tech industry, the Netherlands was the first country in Europe where we introduced TiNDLE Chicken back in 2021. It was a natural next step for us to lay down roots for our Innovation and R&D center in Nijkerk and we’re looking forward to continuing our efforts to build a more sustainable food system with our partners here in the Netherlands,” said Philip Schippers, Vice President of R&D (Europe), TiNDLE Foods 

A group of four men and one woman stand together facing the camera—Invest in Holland

From left to right: Bogdan Ivanel, CEO and Founder, Commit Global, Wim Geerts, Human Rights Ambassador at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Olivia Vereha, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product, Commit Global, Jan van Zanen, Mayor of The Hague, Chris Worman, Member of the Board, Commit Global

Commit Global expands its impact on humanitarian technology  

Leading digital advocate Commit Global opened its new global headquarters in The Hague, amplifying its impact by making digital technology more accessible to communities in need. The organization is perfectly situated in the Netherlands to advance ‘Tech for Good,’ making the world a better place. 

Innovation thrives with Hyosung’s European R&D center 

South Korea-based Hyosung opened its European R&D center in Arnhem in October, seeking to take part in advancing the European energy transition. The decision affirms the Netherlands’ position as an innovative hub for sustainable energy solutions. Hyosung will leverage the sophisticated Dutch energy ecosystem at Arnhems Buiten park. 

Keypasco: Strengthening European cybersecurity 

To meet the rising demand for cybersecurity solutions in Europe, Keypasco Europe BV established its European headquarters in The Hague. Capitalizing on the Netherlands’ advanced digital infrastructure and world-leading tech ecosystem, the Taiwanese company aims to revolutionize digital security with its innovative multi-factor authentication solutions. 

Aquacycl powers sustainable water solutions

In November, U.S.-based wastewater treatment company Aquacycl set up its European headquarters at the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden. The expansion aligns with growing demand to address global water challenges. As an innovator in decentralized wastewater treatment, Aquacycl can pursue collaboration within the Dutch water technology sector, exemplified by its partnership with the Water Alliance at the WaterCampus. 

Paebbl ramps up to revolutionize carbon capture and utilization technology 

Nordic company Paebbl, the fastest growing carbon dioxide utilization company in Europe, made the move to Rotterdam earlier in 2023 and successfully increased production capacity by 100% by December. Paebbl’s groundbreaking carbon capture and utilization storage technology is right at home with other stakeholders in the Dutch sustainability ecosystem.

The Netherlands: A premier location for global success and innovation 

Meanwhile, companies with an established presence in the Netherlands like InterSystems, innocent, T-Hive, Lonza and Cargill continue to invest in Holland. Each has achieved notable success in the country, making significant advancements in their respective fields. 

As a nexus for innovation and collaboration, the Netherlands earns its reputation as a premier destination for companies seeking to thrive in the evolving global landscape. 

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23 January 2024

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