TiNDLE Foods Takes Its Plant-Based Meat to New Heights with Innovation and R&D Center in the Netherlands

Together, TiNDLE and the Netherlands are planting the seeds of sustainability throughout Europe

Sandwich with plant-based chicken with kitchen shelves in the back.

Source: TiNDLE

Singapore-based food tech startup TiNDLE Foods, formerly Next Gen Foods, recently opened a new innovation and R&D center in the Netherlands to expand its sustainable plant-based foods throughout Europe. The company is furthering its goal toward a sustainable future in the agrifood sector alongside FoodValley NL and plant-based protein innovators.

“As a global leader in the modern food tech industry, the Netherlands was the first country in Europe where we introduced TiNDLE Chicken back in 2021,” explained Philip Schippers, Vice President of R&D (Europe) at TiNDLE Foods. “It was a natural next step for us to lay down roots for our Innovation and R&D center in Nijkerk, and we’re looking forward to continuing our efforts to build a more sustainable food system with our partners here in the Netherlands.”

Shaping the future of agrifood

The Netherlands leads in agrifood innovation. As the world’s second-largest agricultural exporter, the country drives sustainability and plant-based production. Its strong international business environment, top research institutions and collaborative networks create an ideal ecosystem for sustainable agrifood growth.

Leading agrifood companies, including Kraft Heinz and ENOUGH, have found a welcoming home in the Netherlands. Moreover, TiNDLE will join plant-based producers Beyond MeatRedefine Meat and Meatless Farms all of whom have operations in the Netherlands’ sustainable food ecosystem.

The Netherlands drives food production innovation in collaboration with top-rated institutions like Wageningen University and Research Center. Initiatives like the Dairy Campus and Foodvalley foster cross-industry cooperation. Additionally, the country’s global connectivity and advanced infrastructure further boost its status as a hub for agrifood businesses.

TiNDLE's plant-based chicken satay on a plate.

Source: TiNDLE

Nurturing the future of alternative protein

TiNDLE’s mission to innovate protein alternatives aligns with the Netherlands’, which has shifted toward plant-based proteins in recent years. This transition offers a unique opportunity for food manufacturers to test their products in global markets. Major corporations, research initiatives and a thriving community eager for plant-based alternatives support this concerted shift. The transition toward plant-based alternative proteins provides a sustainable solution and positions the Netherlands as a key global player.

Additionally, the Dutch are known as a collaborative partner for R&D, offering a dynamic ecosystem where businesses like TiNDLE thrive. With a rich tapestry of innovation, government incentives and a world-class talent pool, the Netherlands serves as a catalyst for groundbreaking advancements, propelling companies to shape the future.

A collaborative approach

The Netherlands fosters a collaborative business environment where domestic and international companies can readily engage in partnerships and knowledge-sharing initiatives. This open and cooperative atmosphere encourages innovation and facilitates cross-industry collaborations, driving economic growth and development.

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), in close collaboration with Invest in Holland Network partner Oost NL, Foodvalley NL and the municipality of Nijkerk, played a pivotal role in securing the location for TiNDLE Foods’ Innovation and R&D center.

Source: Oost NL

2 October 2023

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