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How Cargill is Advancing the Future of Food in the Netherlands

For over five decades, Cargill has been shaping the world of food and agriculture, contributing to everyday products that fill our lives. Cargill has firmly rooted itself in the Netherlands with an extensive reach spanning industries such as industrial food and agriculture. This enduring presence is no coincidence; it’s a testament to the unique synergy between Cargill and the country’s collaborative ecosystem and supportive business climate.


Connecting with Europe and the world

Cargill’s journey in the Netherlands began in 1969 when it opened its second overseas plant. Since then, the company has expanded to 11 locations across the Netherlands, with employees in Amsterdam, Bergen op Zoom, Deventer, Rotterdam, Botlek, Sas van Gent, Schiphol, Swalmen, Velddriel, Wormer and Zaandam.

The country’s open business environment and strategic location as a gateway to Europe played a pivotal role in Cargill’s growth. Niels Boetje, President of Cargill Netherlands, underscores this significance: “The area has helped fuel our success in Europe thanks to its proximity to the continent and its ports and waterways connecting us to the rest of the world.”

The Netherlands’ strategic location offers access to 500 million consumers. The Amsterdam area, which houses Cargill’s European headquarters, is close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, facilitating efficient international operations and trade connections.

A hub for agricultural innovation

Geography alone doesn’t account for Cargill’s continued investment in the Netherlands. The country’s status as a pioneer and powerhouse of food innovation and collaboration have contributed to Cargill’s advancement.

Cargill invests in alternative protein sources, a pivotal element in addressing global food challenges. Collaborations with innovative startups in the Netherlands like Bflike and supporting ENOUGH – the largest fermented protein facility in the world – demonstrate Cargill’s dedication to sustainable protein solutions.

The future of food is being revolutionized, explains Boetje. “We’re currently investing in alternative proteins, which we see as an invaluable tool in helping to feed a growing population. R&D is a major focus for us as we look to close the gap between alternative and traditional protein sources when it comes to things like taste, texture, and flavor. With these advances, we believe these will soon be just another protein source for flexitarians and meat-eaters alike.”

Companies in the Netherlands continue to pioneer cutting-edge methods and research in food productions. This includes innovating plant based proteins, new fermentation techniques and smart farming, making the country a leading ecosystem for agrifood businesses.

Advancing a sustainable food system

Cargill and the Netherlands share a profound commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. For example, Cargill’s regenerative agriculture program financially supports farmers in multiple countries to enhance soil quality and contribute to a climate-neutral supply chain.

A green tractor in the distance tending to a field. Close up of grass blades and soil.

Another  example, the company’s partnership with towage and maritime company Kotug led to the launch of the world’s first zero-emission electric pusher tug and barge. The new vessel at the Port of Amsterdam, near Cargill’s cocoa factory in Zaandam, will eliminate emissions and noise pollution from the value chain

In the Netherlands, sustainability is a priority across industries. The Netherlands commitment to achieving a circular economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 align with Cargill’s work toward sustainable solutions.

A forward-thinking approach in the Netherlands

Cargill’s presence in the Netherlands is more than a business venture; it’s a strategic partnership built on shared values. As Cargill focuses on researching alternative proteins and establishing sustainable practices and supply chains, the Netherlands provides an ideal environment. With its reputation for agricultural innovation, a receptive consumer market, and a thriving tech sector, the country offers fertile ground for developing solutions that address the challenges of tomorrow.

“Meeting the needs of a growing population in a sustainable way is one of the biggest challenges that we will continue to face in the future,” said Boetje. “These are complex issues, but we have always viewed agriculture to be part of the solution to the world’s most urgent challenges. Reimagining what is possible is core to what we do at Cargill.”

Cargill’s success in the Netherlands is a testament to the powerful synergy between a company that reimagines the future of food and a nation that embraces innovation, sustainability and progressive business practices. This partnership shapes Cargill’s continued investment and contributes to the broader goal of creating a more sustainable and responsible food industry for the world.

Source: amsterdam inbusiness

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"[The Netherlands] has helped fuel Cargill’s success in Europe thanks to its proximity to the continent and its ports and waterways connecting us to the rest of the world. " Niels Boetje President, Cargill Netherlands
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