Tech for Good: Commit Global Capitalizes on the Netherlands’ Digital Prowess

New global headquarters in The Hague aims to advance ‘humanitarian technology’

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From left to right: Bogdan Ivanel, CEO and Founder, Commit Global, Wim Geerts, Human Rights Ambassador at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Olivia Vereha, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product, Commit Global, Jan van Zanen, Mayor of The Hague, Chris Worman, Member of the Board, Commit Global

Commit Global, a leading developer and advocate for digital tools that support humanitarian efforts worldwide, has opened its new headquarters in The Hague. The organization’s new base of operations will enhance its visibility and amplify its impact by making digital technology more accessible to communities in need.

Commit Global joins more than 300 international organizations and NGOs in the City of Peace and Justice that contribute to a safer, better and more just world.

Tech-powered social impact

For Commit Global and its mission, to unlock the promise of tech for social good, the choice to settle in The Hague is a strategic move. It underscores the Netherlands’ reputation as a country that develops practical, innovative solutions to remedy humanitarian challenges worldwide.

“We are proud to welcome this outstanding organization to The Hague. Commit Global is a great addition to the technological and humanity ecosystems we already have in our city,” said Marco Esser, director of The Hague & Partners.

Under the umbrella “Infrastructure for Good,” Commit Global’s many IT tools have helped more than 1.4 million Ukraine refugees cross the border, access basic services, monitored recovery efforts following natural disasters and countered misinformation during crises by centralizing official communication.

With a mission to provide essential digital tools to aid those in need, Commit Global has found the ideal partner in the digitally advanced Netherlands. The Dutch government’s commitment to collaboration will provide Commit Global with a solid foundation for its work in humanitarian technology.

Bogdan Ivanel, founder and CEO of Commit Global, said: “Starting today, the Netherlands, The Hague – and therefore Europe – will become the home of technology that serves the people. In this day and age we cannot imagine effective life-saving interventions or the defense of human rights and the climate without the use of technology.”

Commit Global follows 21st century standards to provide critical digital infrastructure for humanitarian, civic and climate interventions.

“Such an ambitious and necessary goal cannot be reached by any organization alone, however strategic or agile it might be,” said Ivanel. “It can only be reached with the backing of an equally ambitious city and nation.”

Humanitarian commitment meets digital resilience 

Committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Netherlands has consistently positioned itself as a key player in addressing global issues such as poverty, climate change and gender equality.

The Netherlands also is a leader in technology and innovation, proudly ranking in the top 10 on IMD’s World Competitiveness Ranking and placing No. 1 in digital intensity from EIB. The country leads Europe in digital capabilities, with nearly 80 percent of its population having basic or advanced digital skills. This humanitarian leadership and digital prowess make the Netherlands an ideal choice for Commit Global.

The Netherlands provides a collaborative home to organizations that benefit society

Commit Global’s arrival in the Netherlands bolsters a roster of prominent NGOs that includes Amnesty International, Oxfam Novib and the Peace Palace Library. The U.S.-based social impact organization Draper Richards Kaplan (DRK) Foundation also calls the country home, with its European office in The Hague.

The country’s focus on collaboration and innovation – where public and private sectors seamlessly work together to drive progress – will support Commit Global’s efforts to form a civic infrastructure worldwide.

Saskia Bruines, Alderman for Finance, Culture and Economy in The Hague, shared: “The people of Commit Global use technology to strengthen the information position of vulnerable residents, all over the world. This makes Commit Global incredibly important for our future, democracy and quality of life.”

Commit Global’s new office was established in collaboration with the Invest in Holland Network, the Municipality of The Hague and The Hague & Partners.

About Commit Global

Commit Global is dedicated to unlocking the promise of tech for social good by lifting the burden of maintenance and scaling off the shoulders of the makers. A recent recipient of the Kluz Prize for PeaceTech, the group selects and supports digital tools that can solve critical global problems and integrates them to form the civic infrastructure needed around the world.

Source: The Hague & Partners

30 October 2023

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