Nefit Bosch is Establishing a Test Center for Hydrogen-powered Heating Systems in the Netherlands

The company will help to advance sustainable solutions that contribute to the energy transition

Nefit Bosch

Nefit Bosch, a heating manufacturer, is establishing a test center in the Netherlands for hydrogen-powered heating systems. The company aims to contribute to sustainable solutions in the energy transition. Nefit Bosch has already developed a hydrogen-compatible central heating boiler and is also working on components for electrolyzers producing green hydrogen.

Transforming production to build new prototypes

The existing production hall at the Nefit Bosch site in Deventer will be transformed into the hydrogen test center. This move is possible as central heating boiler production is now concentrated in Bosch factories abroad, freeing up space. One-third of the hall will be used for the test center, equipped with a workshop for prototype building, while the remaining two-thirds will be utilized for activities such as a configuration center and heat pump production.

Nefit Bosch has been part of the international Bosch Group since 2004. Besides heat pumps and other electric solutions, Bosch also focuses its research and development on hydrogen. Hydrogen is considered by many as a promising alternative to natural gas in the built environment. It has been demonstrated that the existing gas infrastructure can be used for hydrogen distribution without significant modifications.

Support from the Invest in Holland network

The project received support from the Invest in Holland network, including the East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) and the municipality of Deventer. The test center is seen as a valuable addition to the Netherlands’ energy ecosystem, contributing to the nation’s shift towards hydrogen in research and development, said Janet de Rooy-Smid, Project Manager Energy at Oost NL.

“The expansion of Nefit Bosch demonstrates that the Netherlands is an attractive location for R&D in the field of hydrogen”, De Rooy-Smid said. “Nefit Bosch has been a valuable employer in Deventer for many years. We are proud that this company is investing in the region with solutions that contribute to the heat transition. Changing how we heat our homes is a crucial part of the energy transition.”

Green Hydrogen is a game-changer in the energy transition

The test center will focus on using green hydrogen, considering it a promising alternative to natural gas, explained Markus Baumeister, Director of Engineering at Nefit Bosch. Safety protocols for hydrogen testing will be adhered to, and the laboratory capacity will be expanded to include hydrogen research. Nefit Bosch may generate its own green hydrogen using an electrolyzer developed by another Bosch unit in Tilburg.

Ready for the new energy mix

While hydrogen adoption may not be immediate for installers, Nefit Bosch anticipates it becoming part of the energy mix in the built environment. “As hybrid heat pumps become more popular, combining them with a hydrogen boiler can be interesting as a carbon-free solution, as it allows you to benefit from the advantages of both sources,” Baumeister said. The H2 Ready central heating boiler, developed by the company, can be easily converted from natural gas to hydrogen.

The investments in the test center position Nefit Bosch to be ready for potential policy decisions favoring hydrogen in the Dutch or European energy mix, with certification being a crucial aspect of this preparation.

Source: Oost NL

15 September 2023

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