South African Zenon Energy Expands to the Netherlands

Innovator in sustainable energy storage solutions opens production facility in Arnhem

Zenon Energy Netherlands

The South African high tech company Zenon Energy has recently located in the Netherlands, opening a production facility in the city of Arnhem. Zenon Energy is a manufacturer of future-proof, sustainable energy storage systems and batteries. It has expanded to the Netherlands to grow its European customer base.

Zenon says it has set up advanced manufacturing operations in the Dutch high tech ecosystem, in particular Arnhem, because of the strong focus on clean energy and circular solutions. It sees opportunities for growth from the Netherlands.

Duan van ‘t Slot, founder of Zenon, said: ‘From here we reach not only the Dutch market, but also the European market. We offer a solution to a problem that many more countries are facing.’

Contributing to solutions for the energy transition

Zenon has developed a proprietary technology that gives batteries an extra-long life. This longevity is also the biggest difference compared to competitors, says van ‘t Slot. ‘The batteries we make last 25 years. So your solar panels and the batteries have the same life span. The way I see it, that is the only way to actually realize the energy transition. Because if you have to replace your batteries every 5 to 10 years, that is no future. This way you get your investment out of the solar panels and that makes it much more logical and attractive.’

Zenon was assisted in its expansion to the Netherlands by the East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL), part of the national Invest in Holland network. Janet de Rooy-Smid, advisor Tech & Energy at OostNL, said: ‘Zenon complements an existing ecosystem of companies involved in energy, hydrogen and energy storage in Arnhem. It is great that Arnhem is seen as an attractive location for companies that contribute to social challenges such as reducing the use of fossil fuels.’

Van ‘t Slot said Zenon is pleased that Oost NL helped the company to find the most fitting location for the company’s ambitions. ‘Here at the IPKW industrial park in Arnhem we are all companies that want to make the world a bit better. It gives a lot of energy, it feels like family. Soon, we will move to Connectr as well. Then, I expect that the feeling of openness will only grow stronger.’

Dutch technical talent

Zenon Energy tries to adapt as many of its battery components as possible to local alternatives. In doing so, the company also looks locally for technical staff and interns and will tap into Dutch expertise. Accessing talent is facilitated by the short distances between Dutch cities and the central location of the Arnhem region. ‘For us, that makes the most sense. I live in Utrecht, our sales director lives in Zwolle and our investors in Amsterdam. Yet we all like to come to Arnhem, because of the energy. For us, that is the reason to stay here.’

Source: East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL)

17 December 2021

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