The Netherlands is One of the World’s Most Connected Countries

In the latest DHL Global Connectedness Report, the Netherlands stands out as a consistent leader across diverse metrics

Positioned in the heart of Europe, the Netherlands ranks No. 1 for information connectedness and No. 2 for global and trade connectedness according to DHL’s 2024 Global Connectedness Report. The country also ranks among the global top 10 for capital and people connectedness.

The Global Connectedness Report measures the current state of globalization with individual rankings for each country, based on the depth (intensity of international flows) and breadth (geographical distribution of flows) of countries’ international connections.

Elevated by a connected network of private industry, knowledge institutions and regulatory authorities, the Netherlands serves as a pivotal hub for companies to access global markets, strategic partnerships and consumers. Leveraging this business ecosystem, companies can drive innovation and achieve growth across key sectors like life sciences and health, agrifood, fintech and more.

“The Netherlands’ unique combination of geography, regional integration with its neighbors, domestic market attractiveness, and long tradition of international openness have made it a consistent leader in global connectedness,” the report notes.

Leading information connectivity across Europe

It’s no surprise that the Netherlands ranks first in the world for information connectedness. The Netherlands is a frontrunner in digital connectivity, providing a European base for foreign companies to spread information, ideas and digital solutions across the globe. Using the country’s advanced digital infrastructure, companies can enhance and expand their own networks internationally. With fast internet speeds and efficient broadband and 4G coverage, companies remain in touch wherever they choose to invest in Holland.

Dutch infrastructure facilitates trade connections around the globe

Likewise home to world-class transport infrastructure, the Netherlands offers unparalleled access to the rest of Europe and the world through its airports, high-speed rail, road and waterways, and seaports – including Europe’s largest port, the Port of Rotterdam. As a result, the Netherlands serves as a premier gateway to Europe, connecting businesses to the continent’s most lucrative markets all within a few hours reach.

Leveraging this highly connected network of both physical and digital infrastructure, foreign companies rely on the Netherlands to move products and materials efficiently, strengthen their supply chains and grow their presence in the global economy.

Connecting capital and people to solve global challenges

The Netherlands attracts top international talent and cultivates local talent, leading to a diverse, globally minded and multilingual workforce. With world-renowned knowledge and research institutions, the Dutch education ecosystem produces a strong talent pipeline that powers companies throughout the region.

Put all these factors together, and it becomes clear why the Netherlands is an ideal destination for foreign investment and a place where companies, knowledge institutions and public agencies collaborate to solve global challenges together.

Source: DHL

22 May 2024

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