The Netherlands: Leader in Talent Competitiveness

Dutch lead in education, innovation and quality of life

Talent competitiveness

The Netherlands has been named as one of the world’s best countries for talent competitiveness. It claimed eighth place in graduate business school INSEAD’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2019, which ranks countries by talent competitiveness. The Netherlands is in good company. Switzerland, Singapore and the US took the first three positions. The Netherlands follows these three, together with the Scandinavian countries.

Welcoming talent

The 2019 Competitiveness report studied how entrepreneurial talent is encouraged, nurtured and developed around the globe, and its influence on competitiveness. The report’s top-ranking countries are typically the most welcoming to entrepreneurial talent, which is deeply influenced by globalization and digitalization.

The Netherlands was ranked in first place in the report for its professional management, and also ranked in the top three for its utilization of technology, the quality of its business schools and innovation output. The report also revealed that talent issues have become a common challenge for firms, cities and countries, impacting prosperity and growth.

Powerhouse Europe

Bruno Lanvin, INSEAD’s executive director of global indices and one of the report’s editors, observed that only two non-European countries, Singapore and the US, placed in its top ten positions. He said: “This underlines that Europe remains a talent powerhouse, but also that countries with great universities and a strong education sector are best at attracting talents.” He also warned that high-ranking countries must stay open and innovative to remain leaders.

Great cities

The Netherlands is also well represented in the Global City Talent Competitiveness Index. Amsterdam (no. 21), Rotterdam-The Hague (no. 28) and Eindhoven (no. 40) are represented in the upper ranks of the global index. These Dutch cities score high in the field of ICT access, quality of life and tertiary education; typical properties of the Netherlands. The research also recognizes the international value of logistics hubs such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Port of Rotterdam.

Source: INSEAD’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2019

11 February 2019

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