The Netherlands Ranks Sixth in the Digital Readiness Index 2019

Cisco Study Provides New Insights into Countries’ Readiness to Create a Digital Economy

The Netherlands ranks sixth in the Global Digital Readiness Index with a score of 18.66/25 (global average 11.90). Together with Luxembourg, Denmark and Switzerland, the Netherlands is in the European top four.

The Netherlands scores sixth in Cisco's Digital Readiness Index of 2019

The Netherlands is Europe’s Most Wired Country and invests in Innovation and Technology

The Netherlands has the highest broadband penetration per capita in the world — 99% of all households — and is home to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). This drives the Netherlands’ high ranking in the area of Technology Infrastructure; the infrastructure available to enable digital activities and connected consumers.

Next to Technology Infrastructure, the Netherlands scores high on Business & Government Investments which includes private and public investment in innovation and technology. Research & Development activities are actively promoted through a favorable corporate tax system and specific R&D incentives that support innovation throughout the entire R&D lifecycle.

Cisco created a framework to define country’s digital readiness

The research gives insights in what it means for a country to be digitally ready. It shows how technology affects economies function and prepare for the future. It may be intuitive that technology infrastructure and adoption are strong indicators of a country’s digital readiness. Hoewever, the research shows that technology alone is not the answer.

Developing skills, meeting people’s basic needs, a stimulating business environment and governmental investments all help realize a country’s digital future. Based on these aspects, countries differ greatly in the degree to which they are ready for a digital future. Cisco developed a framework to define, measure and discover key interventions that can help countries move up in their digital readiness journey. For this study, a model based on seven components and was applied to 141 countries.

Technology as catalyst for economic and social progress

“Technology has the potential to be the single greatest catalyst for economic and social progress,” said Tae Yoo, senior vice president of Corporate Affairs at Cisco. “In every corner of the world, digital technology is helping us become more connected to each other and the organizations upon which we rely. It opens markets, creates jobs, and better connects citizens and customers.”

For more detailed information about the Cisco Digital Readiness Index 2019, read the whitepaper on the website of Cisco.

Source: Cisco

6 February 2020

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