WEB·N·TECH Expands Operations to the Netherlands, Opening R&D Hub

The UAE-based digital solutions provider and leader in competitive event technology joins the thriving Dutch ecosystem

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Left to right: Esraa Muhammad, Project Manager, NFIA UAE, Majd Aburas, CEO of SolaaS Group and Edo de Ronde, Executive Director, NFIA UAE

WEB·N·TECH , a technology solutions provider specializing in digital transformation, has expanded into the Netherlands under the umbrella of SolaaS Group. This marks a significant milestone in its global growth strategy with the introduction of SolaaS Lab, dedicated to R&D. Located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the company will join more than 280 organizations driving high-tech innovations.

Having pioneered a new service delivery model — Solutions as a Service (SolaaS) that provides large-scale events with a complete end-to-end solution — the group has just launched its comprehensive software solution for venue and event management under the SolaaX brand. On a mission to drive innovation and streamline the event and live entertainment industry, this subsection of the SolaaS Group will also explore digital transformation projects across the globe, with the Netherlands as a center of growth into the U.S. market.

At the end of a successful 2021, we recognized an opportunity to grow and expand our reach. Then, the research begun to find the most suitable ecosystem for our operations – we looked at few countries in Europe including the Netherlands. The ease of finding information about business in the Netherlands and fast response of the NFIA had made up our minds that the Netherlands is our place of choice”, said Majd Aburas, CEO of SolaaS Group. 

In a concerted effort to restructure the business for an optimized R&D environment and a technological ecosystem, we selected the Eindhoven as our base. This marked the commencement of our European entities within a few months of first contact with the NFIA. 

SolaaX’s main focus is customer experience, turning innovative ideas into a reality with the company’s R&D.

SolaaX’s R&D on virtual glasses is pioneering access control for events

Leveraging the Netherlands’ thriving tech ecosystem

The Netherlands, long recognized as the gateway to Europe for its international business hub status, excellent connectivity and strategic location, perfectly met the needs for WEB·N·TECH’s European presence.

Boasting a thriving technological ecosystem characterized by strong infrastructure and a supportive business environment, the country is home to numerous tech companies, startups and research institutions. Fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, global companies succeed in the expansive and evolving Dutch IT industry, like IBM, Microsoft and Google.

Tapping into Dutch ingenuity and collaboration

Recognizing the importance of continuous innovation and development for its digital solutions, WEB·N·TECH has found a welcoming environment, rich in collaboration and creativity, in the Netherlands. Backed by robust government support, renowned academic institutions and a thriving private-public collaboration ecosystem, the Netherlands is a place to innovate and build smart, sustainable solutions for the future.

Eindhoven is one of the strongest digital transformation hubs in Europe with a broad and diversified tech ecosystem. The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the place where more than 280 companies and 12,500+ smart people are working on future technologies and innovations, can easily support the group’s commitment to innovation, service excellence and accelerating the company’s growth. 

The expansion to the Netherlands strengthens its European presence and signifies its commitment to serving clients on a global scale.

Majd Aburas, CEO of SolaaS Group, shared; Within two years, we can now say it’s been quite the journey to become an international business with more than 30 people. A step that would not have been possible without the help of the NFIA. From providing all necessary information to helping us in sourcing the right partners, they continue providing valuable advice which we’ll keep relying on for further expanding our business”.

About SolaaS Group

The SolaaS Group ecosystem encompasses several specialized business units, each playing a distinct role in providing comprehensive digital solutions.

WEB·N·TECH serves as a digital transformation agency for government and corporate projects, harnessing expertise in the field of technology and process automation.

SolaaX, a comprehensive events solution dedicated to the management of large commercial and corporate events, is focused on experience, powered by A.I., and driven by data. SolaaX ensures seamless execution of diverse event-related tasks.

Source: WEB·N·TECH

24 August 2023

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