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Indian Tech Innovator 3SC Analytics Expands in Europe via Netherlands Base

Since establishing European offices in the Netherlands in 2018, Indian tech firm 3SC Analytics has been growing steadily. The innovative supply-chain tech company chose Amsterdam, the Netherlands as the preferred location for its European expansion and its ambitions are on track.

3SC Analytics BV is an eight-year-old supply-chain analytics company focussing on end-to-end execution services powered by advanced data analytics. The company 3SC has Analytics Delivery Centers (ADCs) located in Pune, India, and Amsterdam, to cater to its international market, and has a network of over one hundred data scientists, consultants, and analysts.

In essence, 3SC helps orchestrate complex supply chains and logistics while delivering a compelling return on investment (ROI) through efficiency gains and savings. 3SC’s solutions are enabled by proprietary technology, using advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools.


Amsterdam is hyper-connected tech hub

Lalit Das, founder and CEO of 3SC, is enthusiastic about the Netherlands and the Dutch IT & tech ecosystem as the base for their business expansion: ‘We are very thrilled to have launched 3SC Analytics BV in Amsterdam, considering that Amsterdam is a hyper-connected hub for entrepreneurs, emerging tech and innovation.’

Das explains the ethos behind its drive to improve efficiency and performance: ‘Over the last decade, great technological advancements have been made. However, we’ve built a convenient world for ourselves at the cost of our environment and the health of the world that must provide for our future generations. With the threat of climate change, it’s imperative that we take steps to work towards developing better technologies, adopting sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives so that we leave a better world behind.’

3SC focuses on sustainable solutions

Das describes 3SC as being at the crossroads of a Solution and a Product company with the drive to penetrate and win market share by focusing on both competencies equally. 3SC’s solutions comprise both Software as a Service (SaaS) & Analytics as a Service (AaaS).

These are embodied in an array of inter-related software solutions designed, amongst others, to analyze key drivers of demand, provide insights into data, reduce the costs of logistics, warehousing, and transportation, and optimize networks and services. These end-to-end solutions lead to an overall reduction in cost in supply-chain and logistics.

One of the company’s high-tech facilitating tools is 4PL Visilog – an ‘orchestrating tool’ that enhances supply chain visibility and streamlines communication amongst multiple stakeholders. It also provides an EPOD facility (Electronic Proof of Delivery) and paperless invoicing, key functionalities that help contribute to 3SCs overall sustainability goals.


Support from the Invest in Holland network

Das is complimentary about the support received throughout the evaluation and decision-making trajectory that led 3SC to establish their European operations in the Netherlands. They were supported by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and Amsterdam in Business, both part of the Invest in Holland network.

Das: ‘The experience was great with NFIA, and we received immense support from them. They assisted us in setting up our operations – from opening a bank account to connecting us through their network for hiring resources in Amsterdam. Also, the introduction to HIDC (Holland International Distribution Council) facilitated better market understanding. We were also able to make an application for the ‘Orange Carpet Visa’ to facilitate easier movement.’

Fast Facts
Location Amsterdam
Industry IT & Tech
Activities R&D, Marketing & Sales
Employees 20
Country of Origin India
"We are very thrilled to have launched 3SC Analytics BV in the Netherlands, considering that Amsterdam is a hyper-connected hub for entrepreneurs, emerging tech and innovation." Lalit Das Founder and CEO of 3SC
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