9 Reasons Companies Should Invest in Holland: Among the Best, Business-Friendly Countries in Europe

From location and infrastructure to collaboration and sustainability, the Netherlands offers a wide range of strategic benefits

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Renowned as one of the best business-friendly countries in Europe, the Netherlands offers many advantages that make it an ideal place for global investment. From its strategic location and world-class infrastructure to its innovation-driven ecosystem and commitment to sustainability, the Netherlands stands out as a premier location for companies seeking to thrive on the global stage. See why the Netherlands is the place to accelerate your business and benefit people and the planet.

1. Strategic geographical location

The Netherlands is at the crossroads of international trade routes. This makes the country a prime place for companies looking to amplify their global reach. As a gateway for business, companies can connect with Europe and the world from the Netherlands.

The country offers access to 170 million consumers within a 500 km radius. It is also a stone’s throw away from 95% of Europe’s most lucrative markets. Companies choose the Netherlands for business expansion, ensuring market entry and efficient supply chain management.

2. Cutting-edge infrastructure

The Netherlands boasts cutting-edge infrastructure and a holistic network that connects the country domestically and internationally. It’s home to world-class seaports, including the Port of Rotterdam – Europe’s largest port, and an intricate web of railways and waterways. In addition, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol connects the Netherlands to the world via air.

When the Dutch talk infrastructure, we also mean digitally. In fact, the Netherlands has 99% 4G coverage. The country scores high on the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking thanks to its digitally-advanced systems. It also scores highly on the DHL Global Connectedness Index. Together, this comprehensive and modern infrastructure network positions the Netherlands as a global business hub.

3. Strong economic stability

With a GDP per capita that consistently surpasses EU averages, the Netherlands’ robust economic stability is a bedrock upon which businesses can flourish. The country’s economic stability is underscored by global recognition from prestigious institutions like the World Economic Forum and the Global Innovation Index. These recognitions affirm the Netherlands’ resilience, competitiveness and commitment to fostering an excellent business climate that encourages innovation and collaboration.

4. A collaborative ecosystem

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Through its renowned triple helix approach, the Netherlands unites companies, government and academia to take innovation further. Across the country, industry clusters work in tandem to create state-of-the-art, sustainable solutions for the future, fostering a culture of collaboration.

There are many examples of this collaboration at work. From Brightlands and High Tech Campus Eindhoven, to Kennispark Twente, Leiden Bioscience Park, Security Delta and Food Valley, vibrant cross-disciplinary partnerships are the norm in the Netherlands. Clusters across key industries offer companies the opportunity to engage with like-minded businesses, develop strategic partnerships and access top-notch researchers and innovators in close proximity.

5. Commitment to sustainability

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More than just business-friendly, the Netherlands is future-friendly, having committed to achieving a circular economy and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To that end, the country has established incentives geared toward encouraging businesses to implement sustainable actions.

The Netherlands is renowned for its progressive green initiatives, exemplifying a way of life deeply rooted in sustainability. From extensive bicycle networks and wind farms to innovative water management systems, the Dutch embrace eco-conscious living as an integral part of their culture.

6. Thriving innovation culture

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Innovation isn’t a buzzword in the Netherlands; it’s a culture that fuels business growth and creativity. The Dutch embrace cross-disciplinary ideas, nurturing a forward-thinking atmosphere that encourages innovators to create solutions for the better. This culture of innovation runs deep, backed by robust innovation ecosystems and fertile ground for groundbreaking ideas. Moreover, the Netherlands actively stimulates innovation through practical fiscal policies, ensuring ideas for a brighter tomorrow.

7. Skilled and diverse workforce

A strong education system yields a highly skilled workforce in the Netherlands. Graduates are well-trained and digitally adept, making them valuable assets for any company. Most of the Dutch population is fluent in English, with many also speaking German and French, facilitating easier international business interactions.

The Dutch embrace diversity, making the country an attractive destination for international talent, drawing professionals worldwide with its dynamic job market. Support networks like Expat Centers and ACCESS provide wide-ranging services to ensure international workers can quickly settle in.

8. Quality of life

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As one of the happiest countries in the world, the Dutch believe in healthy work-life balance. The quality of life offered in the country includes a world-class healthcare system and a safe, welcoming environment. Whether you’re relocating a team or hiring locally, the Netherlands’ vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes create an environment where both work and life flourish.

9. Comprehensive support

The Netherlands is unwavering in its commitment to tackling global challenges through sustainable, innovative and digital solutions, and embraces working in collaboration with foreign companies that share this vision. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) offers a comprehensive network of free services along with the Invest in Holland network to assist businesses in their journey. These invaluable resources provide the necessary information to understand how the Netherlands can seamlessly connect your business to Europe and the world.

Making a global impact

In the Netherlands, ambitious companies can tap into our innovation ecosystems to accelerate their business, co-creating solutions for a better future for all. We invite international companies to join us in working towards that goal. Because we believe that future-proof business is about making an impact. And we can make more impact when we work together. Contact us to explore the boundless opportunities the Netherlands has to offer.

26 October 2023

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