Airwallex Opens European Headquarters in the Netherlands

Australian fintech company joins the innovative payment and finance hub in Amsterdam

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Australia-based Airwallex has opened its European headquarters in Amsterdam. The financial technology leader is already finding fertile ground in the Netherlands’ collaborative ecosystem to continue developing its powerful payments and banking infrastructure. Furthermore, the company taps into the Netherlands’ strategic location and position as an international trading center to access businesses around the world. At the same time, in choosing the Netherlands, Airwallex contributes to the country as a center of global commerce and reinforces its attractiveness as a smart business location for internationally operating companies.

‘Opening an office in Amsterdam was an easy decision for us,’ said Vivien Cheung, Director of Strategic Partnerships, EMEA at Airwallex. ‘We knew we wanted a blend of a forward-thinking regulator, a cohort of equivalent companies and access to an impressive talent pool, specifically in payments and technology. Not to mention, Amsterdam’s proximity and great gateway access to Europe for international businesses.’

Airwallex finds ease in acquiring financial licenses in the Netherlands

Airwallax secured an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license from the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB) in 2021, giving the company access to the European single market. The Netherlands’ world-class financial infrastructure is led by regulators like the DNB and Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) – the licenses from these entities are accepted throughout the European Union and regarded in the fintech industry for both their credibility and quality.

‘Over the coming years, we plan to continue to expand our regional presence, grow our local product offering and further help local European businesses expand overseas,’ added Cheung.

Utilizing the Dutch entrepreneurial mindset to connect businesses globally

Airwallex’s technology empowers businesses of all sizes to accept payments, move money globally and simplify their financial operations in a single platform. Joining the collaborative fintech ecosystem in Amsterdam provides access to one of the most globally diversified financial centers in Europe. Here, Airwallex can develop smart fintech solutions through its machine learning platform for the future of the industry.

The Dutch multilingual talent pool driven by innovation and entrepreneurship will support Airwallex’s growth. CEO Jack Zhang told Forbes that his company’s, ‘purpose is to be connecting the business builders, entrepreneurs, the creators around the world to the borderless opportunities. To help them to grow in their business without borders, and to give them access to these opportunities without the constraint of the traditional financial infrastructure or financial system.’

Source: Airwallex

10 August 2022

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