Evreka Brings Sustainable Waste Management Solutions to the Netherlands

The Turkish technology company’s services help to accelerate the circular economy

Evreka team Netherlands

Turkish technology company Evreka has expanded to the Netherlands and has opened offices at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The company joins the innovative Dutch IT & tech ecosystem and brings solutions for more sustainable waste management by digitizing waste management processes. The company’s ultimate objective is to decrease carbon emissions and making it easier to create new sources from waste through recycling. Evreka’s comprehensive online platform optimizes the waste management chain.

Reshaping the global waste management and recycling industry

Being aware of the effects of the climate change on the Netherlands, Evreka says that it undertakes a critical social responsibility policy with regards to proper waste management. At its new Dutch offices, Evreka plans to provide hands-on customer-centric services to make waste management more efficient, effective and future-proof. It works in line with the regulatory conditions imposed by the Dutch government.

Evreka states: ‘We continue to expand our global presence in our mission to achieve sustainability for a better future. Our goal is to solve the world’s waste problem by reshaping the global waste management and recycling industry with our eco-friendly approach.’

Public-private collaboration in the Netherlands

The company aims to provide ‘Sustainability as a Service’, working in collaboration with partners across the waste management chain in the Netherlands. ‘We look forward to tackling all aspects of the waste problem by combining the know-how of our partners in both the public and private sector across different industries in the Netherlands,’ Evreka states. ‘Through a joint collaboration working hand in hand with all stakeholders including waste generators, processors, recyclers, brand owners and regulators, we believe it will be possible to advance the frontiers of sustainability and achieve far-reaching transformations to create a better world for future generations and the ecosystem.’

Source: Evreka

12 July 2022

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