Iskefe Holding Targets Global Biomaterials Market from the Netherlands

Turkish tech company connects with Dutch research infrastructure to pursue global biomaterials market

One of Turkey’s leading industrial and technology companies, İskefe Holding, has established its Collagen Research Center (CRC) in Utrecht, in the heart of the Netherlands. CRC is a biotech R&D facility for the development of innovative biomaterials for tissue engineering and artificial organ production technologies. The company’s collagen-based high-purity and high-quality ‘technologies of the future’ are designed to help extend human life and increase quality of life.

innovative biomaterials

Top location for the innovative biomaterials industry

With the help of NFIA, İskefe Holding chose the Netherlands for its research activities. Expressing the reasoning behind the location in the Netherlands, İskefe Holding’s CEO Murat Göç stated, ‘The Netherlands is one of the top addresses in Europe for entrepreneurs in the biomaterial field due to its talent pool, multi-cultural society, logistics advantages, and entrepreneurship opportunities.’

Making the right connections

The leading company in the global collagen market, İskefe Holding allocates 10 percent of its turnover to funding research and development. At its new R&D and production facility in Utrecht, Collagen Research Center will conduct R&D studies in the field of biotechnology and biomaterials. Mr. Murat Göç: ‘The Netherlands has numerous research infrastructures in biotechnology and biomaterials. We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to make our research more widely available. During the investment phase, the NFIA connected our company to the right people, and guided and mentored us at every stage, supporting us throughout our decision-making process.’

High-quality innovation

Future activities include the development of innovative biomaterials in the markets for artificial tissue, organ, and nutrition products. CRC guarantees traceability from raw materials to final products, helping to ensure the highest purity and quality levels in all its products. The R&D center currently develops biocompatible materials, wound care products, tissue engineering applications, and 2D-3D model-able consumables. It is preparing to launch its first products Gelma and Colma, after two years development in 2021.

Source: interview with İskefe Holding’s CEO Murat Göç

21 December 2020

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