MSD Spin-Off Organon Launches in the Netherlands and Worldwide

MSD completes spin-off of women’s health company

MSD / Merck announces launch of women's health spin-off Organon in the Netherlands and worldwide

Organon, a name famous in the Netherlands, is back. As a spin-off of US-based MSD, Organon & Co. celebrated its launch as the only global company to focus on women’s health on such an extensive scale. The completion of the spin-off, first announced by MSD in 2020, is good news for women worldwide and for life sciences & health innovation in the Netherlands – where Organon Benelux has a production site in Oss and an office in Amsterdam.

“Today we’re not just launching a new company, today we’re making a commitment to women’s health worldwide. We will listen to women to better understand their health needs and identify solutions that are urgently needed,” said Petra Willems, newly appointed as Managing Director of Organon Benelux.

Although major strides have been made in recent years with regard to Women’s Health, the challenges of contraception, menopause and cardiovascular disease, for example, remain high.

“This is a unique opportunity to build a new company that aspires to be a leader in women’s health. There is a need to look at diseases and conditions that affect only women – or affect women disproportionately more than men. Providing a healthier future for women also means a healthier future for their families and communities around the world,” added Willems.

Focus on women: Organon’s approach to innovation

Nearly a hundred years ago, Organon began as a pharmaceutical company in Oss. While the company’s roots in its birthplace remain, the new Organon has updated and expanded its mission. Organon’s focus on women’s health sets it apart from other major healthcare companies and will serve as the driving force behind its innovation.

“Our vision is to create a better and healthier every day for every woman around the world. There is no other healthcare company with our global footprint dedicated to putting women at the center that will focus on identifying medicines and solutions that they so urgently need,” said Kevin Ali, Chief Executive Officer of Organon. “The time is right for Organon to bring forward more options for women and healthcare providers to help shape the future of women’s health.”

“To achieve a healthier world, it is crucial to improve women’s health. After all, half of the world’s population is made up of women. Our impact will extend beyond medicine, contraception and fertility treatments – because we know we can do so much more for women and their health,” said Willems.

Petra Willems, Managing Director of Organon Benelux

Petra Willems, Managing Director of Organon Benelux

Access to Dutch life sciences & health expertise

Organon’s presence in the Netherlands means the company has access to a rich ecosystem of medical institutions and experts. One such expert is Professor Angela Maas, a cardiologist and professor of Cardiology for Women at Radboud UMC who discussed the imperative of meeting women’s health needs worldwide.

“Look at the life course of women. Each stage has its own needs that are important to women’s health and they are often interrelated. Women’s good health also affects their children, relatives, parents and colleagues at work. Good health is necessary to be able to work and gain more economic independence. Healthy women are the foundation for greater equality and a better life for all of us,” said Professor Maas.

Organon Benelux drives company’s global growth

At the time of launch, Organon’s portfolio consists of more than 60 drugs available to people in more than 140 countries. Nearly 80 percent of the $6.5 billion in revenue comes from outside the United States. In addition to women’s health, Organon has two pillars – biosimilars and established brands – that will also benefit from renewed management focus and commercial investment.

“Today marks a significant milestone for both Merck and Organon. Organon is now an independent, publicly traded company with a broad portfolio of important medicines and products, and is fully prepared to deliver sustainable growth and value,” said Rob Davis, president of Merck/MSD.

To deliver key therapies around the world, Organon will draw upon its global commercial organization and world-class manufacturing capability. The company’s footprint in the Benelux will play a critical role in this mission. Out of approximately 9,000 employees worldwide, nearly 2,000 work at Organon’s four locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

“We serve as a global incubator – of ideas, of science and technology or of collaboration – to realize innovation and improve women’s health together,” said Willems. “I am really looking forward to working together – with an inspired, driven and effective team in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg – on a successful and bright future, for Organon and for women all over the world.”

Source: Organon, Merck, Organon Benelux [Dutch only]

7 June 2021

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